Wyrding is one of two types of extremely controversial and potentially dangerous sorts of magicks which draw their power from the mysterious beings known only as the l’Fae. The other type is Illusionism. Wyrding is tied to the l’Fae’s seeming mastery over the forces of destiny, fate, and karma.

Wyrding, as a magick type, stems from a contract or bargain which the Witchborn makes with one of the l’Fae. In exchange for various things, the l’Fae grants the witchborn in question the ability to create the sorts of contracts and deals which the l’Fae themselves have the ability to create. These contracts are binding – enforced by the forces of karma and destiny.

The complexity of these contracts and their strength depend, largely, on the skill of the Wyrding user in question. This magick can be very devious and powerful. It is, however, very dangerous – the forces of destiny, once set in motion, can not be easily stayed. The power to grant blessings or curses, to utterly ruin a person’s life, or to inflict horrible fates on others is all within the purview of this magick. Other effects can also be wrought – if one is willing to give up more than just their essence. Some Wyrders trade away parts of their souls or even years of their life – and sometimes even more precious things – to see to it that their magick is wrought.

The contracts of Wyrding magick can be delivered verbally, the conditions of agreeing to them can be set up so that the target merely has to take a certain action to trigger the effect. The more powerful the Wyrding, the more specific and drastic the effects can be. Early on, Wyrding magick is very unpredictable in exactly how it will enforce the edicts of the user. A written Wyrding is iron-clad and allows for some very lengthy and specific effects to come into play. Such contracts must be signed in blood by the parties involved. Wyrding effects can all but alter the nature of reality to see that a certain end comes to pass.


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