The Sword of Winter

The Sword of Winter is a weapon so old it’s origins have been lost to all knowledge – some say the sword measures it’s life in eons. It is, perhaps, the most powerful weapon ever conceived and it is not of Neverael – though it does rest there now.

The Sword of Winter, according to legend, was forged during the dawn of all things by a being whose name was believed to be Se’Adnarel. This being was of a race of people who were more spirit than they were flesh – who were immortal by their very natures and capable of feats which defy the imagination. Fragments of Se’Adnarel’s story are hard to come by but they hint at a great betrayal and the death of the being’s race…and the steps he and his brother would take to see their people avenged.

Vengeance, as it so often does, consumed Se’Adnarel – and in thrall to his bitterness and hatred – he conceived of and forged the Sword of Winter. How he did it? No one knows. It’s said that he took all of the forlorn hopes of his dead race, all of their unfulfilled dreams, their loves, their hates, everything that they were and everything that they might have been – and he made them a part of himself. He then severed the portion of his being which contained these things from his own soul and forged it into a killing tool without equal. Legend has it that he forged this monstrous weapon at the heart of oblivion itself – in the Nothing which waits and gnaws at the edge of all. His hammer? A heart broken beyond all knowing. Or so the legend goes.

The sword is a living thing – a being which learns and grows and has feelings. It takes the shape of a woman – supposedly the form of Se’Adnarel’s lost lover. Mastering the sword means mastering her, making her respect and obey oneself. It is no easy task. Only one person can wield the sword at a time, becoming bound to it’s fate and able to call upon its powers as needed. It’s power is very nearly unimaginable – it can end Gods and even disperse the essence of Realm Lords such as The Croatoan or the King of Thorns. It can tear holes in the fabric of reality itself and even wound the great Nothingness.

Why the name? The sword takes the shape of a long, slender blade made up of some sort of semi-solid energy which appears to be white. When swung it leaves strange, snow-flake-like ripples in it’s wake – small fractal edged disturbances in reality. The name is also symbolic of the sentiment it represents – the sword is the pure embodiment of the dying times, of the struggle to survive in a world gone cold and hostile to oneself. It is the last, lost hope.

Bonding to the Sword of Winter causes one’s eyes to turn into an ever-shifting incandescent hue.

The Sword of Winter

Damage: W + 10 SK

Defenseless Against My Caress: The Sword of Winter nullifies the effects of armor or other effects which reduce damage from direct hits by it.

Hidden Edge: The Sword of Winter, once bound to a wielder, can be summoned or dismissed at will by a simple thought. The wielder of the sword never suffers a multi-action penalty for drawing the sword and attacking in the same round.

Winter’s Touch: The Sword of Winter’s power can be focused into a devastating blast of energy. Roll Command + Eerie + 1MD. Winter’s Touch deals W + 5 SK damage and has a range of Long.

Lingering Hope: The Sword of Winter automatically heals it’s wielder when damaged. Roll Command + Vigor + 1MD. Last Hope heals W in SK to all hit locations each round.

Lilain’s Lament: Lilain is the Sword of Winter’s name. By channeling the unfulfilled dreams of those the sword was forged to avenge, one can inflict terrible psychological torment on an opponent. Roll Command + Fascinate + 1MD. On a set, all foes within the immediate vicinity become incapable of acting for W rounds – unless they pay W in Essence. The wielder of the Sword of Winter gains the essence used to resist this ability.

The Lord of Winter’s Heart: The Sword of Winter is rumored to possess the power to make wishes come true – for those willing to pay the price. Sacrifice all of your Anima or Animus to the sword – allowing it to consume your soul and end your existence. You can make any one thing which is POTENTIALLY within your power happen immediately. Obviously, the stronger you are, the better this ability is.

The Sword of Winter

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