The land of Ravynnia is bordered to the west by Domremi, to the south by the Wind Country, and to the north by the land of Creid. Ravynnia is, perhaps, best known for the towering Rorlykan trees which cover much of the land. Growing to be in excess of 500 feet in height and 150 feet or more in girth, the Rorlykan tree lays at the heart of Ravynnian culture. Ravynnians commonly make their homes in the branches of these massive trees – using complex pulleys, rope ladders, and catwalk systems to construct vast communities high above the ground. Visitors to these lands often compare Ravynnian communities to the nests of silk worms or spider’s webs.

The Ravynnians have lived amongst the branches of the great trees of their forest for time out of mind – some say since before the fall of Atlanei even. Their culture and day to day lives are ruled by the fortunes of the trees – most of their food, clothing, medicine, and other amenities are in some way, shape, or form derived from these massive trees or the creatures that make their homes amongst their branches. Ravynnians typically learn to climb at a young age – making use of special climbing hooks to aid them in getting around. It is extremely rare for a Ravynnian to be afraid of heights and such individuals are often mocked viciously by their peers. It is, likewise, very rare for Ravynnians to become overweight – due to the very physical manner in which they get around their surroundings.

Culturally, Ravynnians organize themselves into tribes – an anachronistic holdover from days gone by. There are five recognized tribes in Ravynnian culture with many smaller factions and bloodlines within these tribes. Ravynnians are both insular and warlike – they practice the art of war and combat but rarely trouble outsiders. They have very little concern for what goes on beyond their forest – their participation in the Great Concordance is almost incidental. Ravynnian warriors are just as often female as they are male and are masters of stealth and guerrila warfare – favoring light armor and weapons such as bows, spears, javelins, knives, and the like. Many also make use of whips, chains, and other weapons of that sort. Ravynnian warriors often belong to secretive warrior societies and follow complex codes of honor and tradition. All Ravynnian warriors, regardless of allegiance, wear ceremonial masks into battle – these masks tell a warrior who exactly he’s facing and what his opponent’s accomplishments are. No warrior of Ravynnia would be caught dead entering combat unmasked if he or she can help it. When a Ravynnian warrior is shamed, he or she will often destroy it in penance – having to start a new mask from scratch.

The forest floor of Ravynnia is very dangerous – some of Antegaea’s most ferocious creatures stalk it’s shadowed valleys of twisted roots and loam. Outsiders and traders traveling in Ravynnia often seek escort from locals who are well versed in getting around without upsetting the local fauna. Travelers attempting to move from one settlement to another often make use of gliders or, where available, the tram system which runs through much of the interior of Ravynnia. These trams run along cables stretched between the massive trees and can be used to travel between any of the major settlements during times of peace. Times of peace are relatively uncommon in Ravynnia as feuds between the tribes and their attendant bloodlines and factions are commonplace.

Ethnic Characteristics: Ravynnian’s are known for their dark hair colors – blacks, dark blues, and deep greens being common to the breed. It should be noted that while dark blue and green are common amongst Ravynnians these colors don’t really occur anywhere else. Ravynnians, male and female both, are known for being monstrously tall and long of limb – males average about 6’3” tall and females are commonly 6’0”. Both men and women amongst these people are lanky of build – most men weigh about 200 lbs. Women weigh somewhat less at 160 lbs.

Major Cities: Ardrasil, Unaest, Galiphur

Major Exports: Wood, herbs, charcoal, rope, bat-milk


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