The magic of the Druids AKA Druidism is the magic of the great spirits of the land. These spirits, known as Primordials, embody natural phenomenon and locations – acting as both manifestation of said phenomenon or location and guardian. Primordials rarely waken to true consciousness – mostly acting in an autonomous manner save for rare instances. Druids are Witchborn who have learned to commune with the sleeping minds of the Primordials and tap into their vast reservoirs of power to varying effect.

In order for a Druids powers to work, they must make contact with a Primordial. This is usually achieved through a kind of meditative state achieved either deliberately or via living and working within nature for an extended period of time. Those who manage to make contact with a Primordial are viewed in one of two ways – as either allies of nature or….not.

Those who live in harmony in accordance with nature and their own wills are viewed as a part of the natural balance and cycles of the natural world – an extension of nature and, therefore, an ally. The connection forged with the Primordial is strengthened and the Druid is now able to affect the cycles of nature via the lens of the Primordial they’ve forged a connection with.

Those who do not live in harmony with nature or are internally conflicted are viewed as disruptors of the balance and of nature. Their life force and will is consumed by the Primordial and they are left a withered husk.

Druids may be connected to many Primordials – each representing a different aspect of nature and allowing the Druid command of more and more of the powers of nature.

Forest Primordial – Manipulate plant growth; encourage rapid healing/regeneration; summon/command forest beasts; create weapons/armor/objects from natural materials; animate plants/trees; traverse Forest terrain easily; deal with Beast Gods of the Forest more easily.

Mountain Primordial – Manipulate rock and earth; protect from harm; summon/command mountain beasts; create weapons/armor/objects from rock or stone; manipulate metals and gems; call down cold and frost; traverse Mountain terrain easily; deal with Beast Gods of the Mountains more easily.

River Primordial – Manipulate water; cleanse the body/mind of harmful effects; summon/command creatures of the waterways; solidify water into weapons/armor/objects temporarily; call down and manipulate mist/fog; traverse River terrain more easily; deal with Beast Gods of the Rivers more easily.

Storm Primordial – Manipulate water, wind, and lightning; enhance the speed/reflexes of the body; summon/command creatures of the air; create weapons/armor/objects made of hardened air or electricity; call down and manipulate storms to varying effect; fly through the air; deal with Beast Gods of the Sky more easily.

Swamp Primordial – Manipulate water, mud, and plant growth; inflict poison; summon/command creatures of the swamp; create weapons/armor/objects of sludge and mud; traverse swamp terrain more easily; deal with Beast Gods of the Swamp more easily.

Plains Primordial – Manipulate wind and light; encourage healthy crop growth; summon/command creatures of the plains; create weapons/armor/objects of hardened air or light; traverse plains more easily; deal with Beast Gods of the Plains more easily.


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