Rasen Brasler

Bard-in-training and local mischief maker with a very realistic outlook on the world - something of a lecher.

Hair: Red Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’10" Weight: Not specified

Mission: Perform in a royal court some day.

Duty: Rasen must always be kind and courteous to women.

Craving: Rasen has an eye for material wealth – seeking to amass it whenever he can.

Problems: Fenris of the Black Jaw. Abby.

Total XP/XP Spent: 18/11

Attributes and Skills
|Body 3| |Sense 3| |Charm 3| |Coordination 4| |Command 2| |Knowledge 2|
|Athletics 2| |Direction 0| |Fascinate 2| |Climb 0| |Haggle 0| |Counterspell 0|
|Endurance 0| |Eerie 1| |Graces 0| |Dodge 2| |Inspire 0| |Healing 0|
|Fight 3| |Empathy 1| |Lie 2| |Perform 2+1ed| |Intimidate 0| |Language: Low Tongue 1MD|
|Parry 0| |Hearing 2| |Jest 2| |Ride 0| |Perform 2| |Lore 0|
|Run 0| |Scrutinize 0| |Plead 0| |Stealth 2| |NA| |Strategy 0|
|Vigor 1| |Sight 3| |NA| |Weapon: Dagger 0| |NA| |Tactics 0|
|NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |NA| |Student 0|

Advantages: Knack for Learning (Perform), Beauty (Rank 1), Witchborn (possesses the ability to develop magickal powers).

Fate/Luck: 5/5

Animus/Essence: 5/5

Madness Meters
|Unnatural| |Violence| |Helplessness| |Self|
|Hardened/Failed: 1/1| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0| |Hardened/Failed: 0/1| |Hardened/Failed: 0/0|
|Equilibrium 3|


Rasen Brasler was born to Kelwyr (father) and Nara (mother) Brasler – the middle son of three boys. Rasen’s grandfather had secured the family’s fortune decades earlier when he founded the Brasler Overland Shipping Company but the building of the White Road in the north nonetheless weakened the family business and, by the time Kelwyr took over, the family had begun to turn to other trades to help supplement their failing income.

As a child, Rasen was an inquisitive, happy sort – always getting into mischief and asking questions – sometimes questions that no one else had the audacity to ask, like, “Why does the Mayor wear a dead rat on his head?” Such questions, while adorable in a small child, are not very becoming of one of the sons of the town’s only resident trader – especially once he grows old enough to know better. To keep Rasen out of trouble (and to help civilize the boy), Kelwyr Brasler had Rasen begin attending school with the other children in town when he turned six years old. Rasen took to school like a fish to water – though not in the way his father might have expected.

While Rasen was intelligent and a fast learner he was easily bored and enjoyed the social aspect of attending school far more than the educational aspect. It was during his first few months attending the Southvane school that he met, and became fast friends with, Theren Fel – the son of the local horse rancher. Theren, though far more studious, had the same sort of mischievous streak as Rasen. The two soon began to spend much of their free time together planning pranks and convoluted schemes to cause havoc around town. These happy times were not to go on forever, however.

Shortly after Rasen’s youngest brother, Arik, was born Nara Brasler came down with a mysterious wasting illness that seemed determined to foil all of Firista Fel’s (the local healer) attempts to cure it. Nara Brasler lingered for about a year and then died in her sleep early one morning. The Brasler’s were heartbroken, but they survived and life went on.

It was during these years of attending school and dealing with the tragedy of his mother’s death that Rasen met his future mentor and instructor in the Bardic Way – Ardrich Helios. And, also, his future rival – Kiro Wess.

Ardrich Helios arrived in Southvane during the spring of Rasen’s 12th year with Kiro Wess in tow. It soon became apparent that the older man and young Kiro would be staying in Southvane for the foreseeable future. Theren was fascinated with the prospect of learning something of foreign lands from the two outlanders and convinced Rasen to come along with him to harrass the old man for stories. Theren and Rasen soon discovered that Ardrich wasn’t merely an old traveler – he was actually a retired Bard! While Theren was initially interested in the stories Ardrich told, his attention eventually wavered and he soon returned to his “studies.” Rasen, however, grew to be close friends with Ardrich and began to learn the secret Bardic Way alongside young Kiro – the two forming a grudging relationship of mutual rivalry.

Rasen, while a quick study, was much more interested in the more acrobatic and larcenous sorts of skills that Ardrich could teach him – having little interest in learning about music or the like. Kiro was almost his exact opposite in these matters. Rasen discontinued attending the school at Southvane not long after Ardrich began to teach him the Bardic Way in ernest – much to the dissapointment of his father. Kelwyr was, however, happy that the boy had found something he was truly interested in pursuing of his own accord and gave Rasen his blessing to seek formal apprenticeship with Ardrich.

Time passed and Rasen learned – often hanging around the Baurheim Inn and passing the time by making small talk with Alexi Baurheim and Espin Thatcher. He also became familiar with Vinnie Miller during his time spent in the Inn. Ardrich encouraged such associations and also encouraged Rasen to spend time in the Inn as, “An Inn is the natural setting for a Bard.” Rasen used it as an excuse to carouse and make merry – often testing out his juggling and limited musical skills on a captive audience. He also kept up his close friendship with Theren – often spending the night out at the Theren Ranch and helping with the work sometimes. Rasen’s life had settled into a comfortable rhythm as he continued to learn under Ardrich.

Rasen had very nearly forgotten about the customs associated with Valpurgis Eve – so long ago had the Tithe Collector come to Southvane and passed over him. It came as a small shock to him when he was suddenly reminded, little more than a week before the auspicious Tithing was to take place, that the dread event was looming on the horizon. Rasen had no real need to worry – he and his brothers were safe from such scrutiny now. But something about the coming visitation felt strange to Rasen and he wasn’t sure why….

Rasen Brasler

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