Welcome to the Chronicles of Neverael Wiki Page!

This wiki follows the adventures of a ragtag band of youths making their way across the mysterious, danger-wrought lands of Neverael in search of answers whose questions may be of dire import to the entire world.

Not merely another “kill the big foozle” and “save the world” campaign, Chronicles of Neverael focuses on deep character interaction, exploration of realms both physical and metaphysical, and deeply personal character motivations – in addition to all of the standard tropes of epic, medieval fantasy.

Chronicles of Neverael: The Threshold primarily takes place in and around the continent of Antegaea – though future games set in the world may take place elsewhere. The Threshold begins in the idyllic lands of Naen where all is not as it seems and, soon, a brave band of sheltered youths will have to venture forth on an errand which might very well spell the difference between life and death – for countless souls.

Season 1 of The Threshold was completed successfully by our intrepid protagonists. After the completion of season 1, I shelved Neverael for a while to work on other ideas. Recently, however, a few of the original players of that game convinced me to begin gearing up for what will, in effect, be a second campaign set shortly after the events of the first season involving an all new cast and all new challenges.

I’m calling it Chronicles of Neverael: Second Story for now.

Chronicles of Neverael

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