Witchsight is the ability to perceive and interact with other, supernal realms, spheres, or levels of reality characterised by sensitivity to the flow and concentration of essence sources and awareness of supernatural or paranormal entities such as archetypes, demons, elementals, ghosts, primordials, spirits, and others. To such entities, the Witchsighted glow like a bonfire – attracting their attention and leading many such entities to envy the Witchsighted’s ability to move in both the material and spiritual realms more-or-less freely. This often leads to cases of possession.

Witchsight is an exceedingly rare gift (or curse) – appearing in only 1 in a thousand individuals. Of those rare individuals who possess witchsight only about 25% possess a strong enough gift to be considered more than merely sensitive and actually powerful enough to develop and wield magickal abilities in earnest.

Witchsight, by itself, is a potent ability which enables it’s bearer to see and interact with spheres of reality not normally accessible by humans. Information can be gleaned from this awareness which might be unavailable from other sources. However, the Witchborn (those who possess this gift) are limited in that each individual’s abilities are constrained by the filters that their mind throws up to keep their mental stability intact. In short, each Witchborn can only perceive so many different layers – their awareness, though greater than any without the witchsight, is limited to only a few levels of reality. No Witchborn is able to perceive them all. Witchborn can develop their Witchsight to enable them to see and experience things in distant locations, to move or otherwise manipulate essence, to sense the thoughts and emotions of others, and to perform a range of other relatively simple – but invaluable – functions.

The Witchsight’s penultimate application is that of the development and study of magick. Magick is a catch-all term for any number of strange disciplines that require interaction with supernatural beings and manipulation of essence. While there are many broad disciplines of magick, each Witchsighted approaches magick from a slightly different perspective (given the unique limitations each experiences). Many forms of magick require the binding of supernatural entities into one’s service or a pact with some entity or another. In return for essence and other perks, that entity (or entities) will allow one of the Witchsighted to make use of it’s powers. Other forms of magick are even stranger. All magick is potentially dangerous to both the wielder and those around them.


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