White Knights of the One

The White Knights of the One are the militant arm of the Church of the One whose focus lies in protecting members of the clergy, aiding true believers, and in assisting the inquisitors in routing out corruption, heresy, and evil wherever it may breed. Ideologically speaking, the White Knights have nothing but the most noble purpose in mind. They sincerely want to protect people from the depravities of the darker side of the world and of magick – they often make some rather questionable decisions in the pursuit of this purpose, though.

Originally founded by a protege of Natholai Jonarte, the White Knights of the One bring to the battlefield superior tactics, excellent arms and armor, and a fierce commitment. To be a White Knight you must undergo both martial and ecclesiastic training. Prospective knights usually join the order as ages at a very young age and undergo rigorous ecclesiastical training during their early years – in addition to performing all of the usual duties associated with being a page in a knighthood. When the page becomes a squire, usually around the age of 14, they begin to accompany the White Knights into the field and study weapon training and combat tactics. Finally, at about the age of 18 or 19, the squire is allowed to become a White Knight after passing a series of trials and tests of faith. Alternatively, members of other knighthoods sometimes join the White Knights after having already been ordained a Knight in their own orders – they must demonstrate excellent knowledge of the faith and pass a series of trials and tests much like those given to any squire applying to knighthood.

The White Knights have a few core tenants of faith by which they live their lives.

1. Obey the clergy in all matters of right and wrong. It is not for us to interpret scripture – we act to enforce the decrees of the wise.

2. Take no life out of malice or cruelty – the taking of a life is an unfortunate event no matter whether it be an ally or an enemy who passes. Mourn all equally.

3. The White Knights are warriors of the One – we bear no children and take no husbands or wives. Attachments outside of the order are to be limited as much as possible – save in the instance of attachments who are members of the clergy.

4. Let no evil go unpunished. Evil shall only prevail when good men do nothing.

5. Honor decrees that responsibility for ones actions be maintained at all times. You are always accountable for your actions but if your actions are in the name of the one then they may be overlooked with proper penance.

The code of the White Knights is much longer, but the above are a few of the more interesting parts. The Knights operate out of Leorans, primarily, but have garrisons in all of the Concordant Nations. They have a rather black reputation in the Thanelian countryside for their frequent raids performed in conjunction with the Inquisitors of the Church.

White Knights of the One

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