The Republic of Vyndhurst lies south of the Wind Country, beyond the Druagynlurk Sands, in an area which was originally a far outpost of the Atlaneians and one of the first places to fall into barbarism and anarchy during the chaos following the Blackgate War. In 921 M.E. modern explorers from Domremi and Leorans set up a colony where Vyndhurst is now.

At first, Vyndhurst was a mercantile colony – a way for merchants in both Domremi and Leorans to make money without having to pay as much attention to the trade restrictions of their homelands. It soon became a juicy target for the Pirate Clans of the Crimson Sea and open naval warfare was declared between the merchant factions of Vyndhurst, the navies of Domremi and Leorans, and the pirate clans in 940 M.E. Deciding that the colony was too costly to continue to support, Domremi and Leorans pulled their forces out of the conflict after two years – leaving the colonists to fend for themselves.

Surprisingly, the colonists were able to beat back the pirate clans with help from a turncoat amongst the buccaneers – Blackblade Balthasar Vyndhurst. In celebration of their victory over the pirate clans in in 947 M.E. – the citizens of the colony declared their independence from Domremi and Leorans and re-organized themselves under a representative democratic government to ensure that no one land’s interests would take precedence over any other. They decided to call their new nation Vyndhurst – after the canny pirate lord who had clenched victory during their long naval war with the Crimson Sea pirates.

Vyndhurst is a land of new ideas and strange customs adopted from all over the known world. People from all walks of life end up here. The pioneer spirit espoused by the people of Vyndhurst is infectious – new comers are quickly swept up in the great enterprises and expeditions going on in this coastal nation. Vyndhurst is home to the Antegaean Navigators College – the first attempt at an organised school for training sailors and explorers. There are also rumors of proposed expeditions to the far lands across the sea spoken of in the most ancient of Atlaneian myths.

The people of Vyndhurst live free and elect their own leaders and vote on their own laws. They pay taxes because they want to support their nation – not because some tyrant tells them to, thank you very much. The face of Vyndhurst is the Vyndhurst family itself – all descendants of the first pirate lord of that name – who make it their business to act as examples and leaders for their people. Members of this family can be found in many different positions of power within the Vyndhurstian government but allegations of corruption amongst the family are dealt with seriously – members of the family suspected of illicit dealings are branded by their own blood and turned out for the sharks.

Ethnic Characteristics: The people of Vyndhurst are not very uniform in their features – though darker hair and eye colors tend to predominate. Almost all Vyndhurstians boast tanned skin and athletic builds – other than that, no guiding principle seems to unite the features of these people. Visitors to Vyndhurst are just as likely to encounter a giant working behind the counter at a general store as a man of short stature.

Major Cities: Zardoga, New Leor, Domremiana

Major Exports: Fish, shellfish, coral, silk, glass, fruit, ships.


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