Timeline of Events

Some notes on dating systems:

The current dating system in use is that of the Modern Era dating – adopted 1223 years ago in the wake of the dissolution of the Atlaneian Empire. This dating system is denoted with M.E. added after a string of numerals. It indicates that X number of years have passed since the adoption of the M.E. dating system.

Prior to the fall of Atlanei dates were given using the A.R. or Atlaneian Reckoning dating system. The last year of the A.R. dating era was recorded as 6443 A.R. Prior to the adoption of the Atlaneian Reckoning there was no comprehensive dating system in use in Antegaea.

History in Antegaea is divided into a number of broad epochs or eras – events in some of these eras are sketchy at best. Many events which were supposed to have taken place in the early eras are known only through song and legend and scattered fragments of Atlaneian texts based on even earlier works now lost.

Primal Age -80,000 to -7,676 years ago Lasted 72324 years
Atlaneian Age -7,676 to -1,223 years ago Lasted 6443 years
Modern Age -1,223 to Present 1223 Years so far

Age dating is noted as Year of Age: Age Number. For example, 8103:I. This indicates that it was the year 8103 of the first or Primal Age.

Primal Age This era of history is characterized by the rule of the Beast Gods and their attendant Beastfolk clans over humanity. During this era, certain humans were adopted by the Beastgods and changed by them into the Beastfolk. These Beastfolk clans went on to become the dominant form of civilization on Antegaea for the next seventy thousand years – never progressing beyond bronze age technology. The era ended with the arrival of the Sidhe from across the Westereign Ocean.
Atlaneian Age Beginning with the arrival of the Sidhe, the Atlaneian age ushered in the decline and exodus of the Beastgods from their ancestral haunts in Antegaea to the subcontinent of Fal’Durast. Over the next few hundred years the Atlaneians rose to prominence and established a vast empire in Antegaea. During the age of the Atlaneians the world was made tame and the very shape of the land was changed and the elements enslaved to the will of humanity. The age ended with the opening of the Blackgate and the war which followed it.
Modern Age The modern age began with the fall of the Atlaneians and the rise of the Church of the One. The era has been one rife with anarchy, chaos, and warfare. The last 200 some-odd years have been the first prolonged period of peace since the Atlaneian Age came to an end. Some historians and scholars have begun to make overtures toward naming the foundation of the Concordance as the beginning of a new, fourth age.

Currently in the process of collating and assimilating the important dates of note from various sources.

Timeline of Events

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