Theren Fel's Journal

(Taken from the Journal of Theren Fel – adapted to modern language by Darsc Vendroes, Scholar, this Fourday, Whitefall the 15th, the year 1416 M.E.)

Tenday, Solclaim the 10th of the year 1223 M.E

I was disposing of some harmless chemicals today in the usual way, “down the hole,” when something unforeseen happened. Shortly after getting back to my laboratory there was a deafening sound accompanied be a vibration in the ground. When I looked back in the direction of the outhouse I saw a thick cloud of dust which had covered most of the farm. When the dust settled the place where the outhouse should have been was now a 20 ft wide hole, and the smell!. Needless to say, by the end of the day, most of the town had come to see what had happened, though most, I daresay, knew the cause anyway. Mother and Father were not happy with me. The Town council has reaffirmed my status of “a menace to public safety.”

Now if I can only figure out what in that cesspool reacted so negatively and with what chemicals. Think of the application both as a weapon and a tool!

Oneday, Solclaim the 11th of year 1223 M.E


I’m Being chased by a shadow in the sea of night, it chasses my for what seems an eternity. I just keep running and running knowing that it could easily close the gap and yet it does not. I think it enjoys the game of cat and mouse that we a playing. As the fear I feel reaches it peck I stumble it a clearing in the forest and the he is the pristine White stallion. He look almost silver in the moon light and then he tells me to get on he’ll take me to safety, only tell is not quite right he does not speck or anything like that it more like he send an image of me riding him and we leaving the shadow behind. His name was Lazrnum one of many thing that came with the images, there were also sensations, his sensations’. I know it all what the wind felt like blowing across back, smells and sound, and something akin to emotions. As I went to mount the shadow charged from the tree line… And then I wake up covered in sweat and my bedding a mess.

Early Morning

I had the Dream again, that make four times this ten day. Why do I keep having the same dream? What is the Shadow that is chasing me? Why do I fear it so? Why can I understand the Stallion? Why does it want to protect me? Why I’m I questioning a Dream???

Late Night

A day felling a hole is a waste of my time, but I must say I getting good at it last time it took my two and a half day to fill in the hole. Maybe I can dig the new one in half a day this time. It would be nice to be done with it in three days instead of six, and then I can get back to my work. What was it the caused it to exploded?

Theren Fel's Journal

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