The Thuhles

The entities known as the Thuhles are worshiped by the fanatical Fomoraei who make their home on the continent of Ur’Seeleira – dark, monstrously powerful entities of supernatural might who dwell within the Astral Miasma across the Veil of Mists and feed on the negative energies of mortal vice and corruption. The origins of these sinister beings are unknown to those who revere them but the very last thing on their mind is the well-being of their chosen people.

Some 100,000 years ago or more, Beast Gods ruled the indigenous humans of Ur’Seeleira as they once did in Antegaea. Those humans who were of common stock – exiles, criminals, and outcasts forced to live without the protection of a Beast God patron – grew in number until they threatened the established order. The Beast Gods who ruled in that age agreed that something had to be done and, so, began a great culling of the unaffiliated humans. In desperation, a sect of human Witchborn turned to the powers of Wyrding and the unknowable entities at its source, the l’Fae, to save themselves and their fellows.

The l’Fae traded these humans the knowledge and power necessary to kill a Beast God for the right to influence their destinies and the destinies of all born of their blood. It seemed an equitable arrangement at the time. With this knowledge, these humans drove the Beast Gods of Ur’Seeleira to extinction and enslaved the Beastfolk clans. Over time, they would become twisted and changed by the powers of the l’Fae, and emerge as the Sidhe. What they did not count upon was the spirits of the dead Beast Gods refusing to flee this plane altogether.

Those dead Beast Gods who could not let go, whose anger and umbrage at being destroyed consumed them, clung to a semblance of cohesion within the Astral Miasma and fell out of time and knowledge. There, in the depths of the Astral, they were twisted over time into monsters – slowly poisoning the psychic landscape and tainting the collective subconscious of the Sidhe people.

Feeding off of the corruption of the Sidhe, the Thuhles grew ever stronger and more warped – until they were able to make contact with radicals and zealots within the Sidhe and seduce them to their worship. Rending Night and the rise of the Fomoraei were the direct results of this – the Thuhles ultimate scheme being to not only destroy the Sidhe but to also fashion them into a weapon against the whole world. For the Thuhles there is nothing left but hate and the desire to destroy everything they can no longer have.

Why they’ve taken so long in turning the Fomoraei against the rest of the world is open for debate but finally, after over seven thousand years, their dread armies have begun to move…

The Thuhles

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