The Signing of the Great Concordance

Two hundred and twenty four years ago, in the city of Leorans, an event took place which would truly give birth to the so-called “modern era” in Antegaea – the signing of a document called the Great Concordance. The direct result of the bloody crusades enacted by the military genius Natholai Jonarte on behalf of the Church of the One, the ratification of this document would become the foundation of modern society in Antegaea. – establishing permanent political borders, trade regulations between nations, and an open forum for communication between countries.

In 1002 M.E., the notorious mercenary leader of the Scarlet Company, Natholai Jonarte, accepted a commission from the Church of the One to put down a hostile insurgency into the nation of Leorans by it’s Bachraeni neighbors. This seemingly simple operation soon turned into a more wide-spread campaign of enforcing political boundaries on behalf of the so-called “allies of the church.” At the time, Jonarte’s band were being well-paid to preserve this status quo and, so, had few complaints. The Scarlet Company’s campaign was brutal – employing tactics that were revolutionary for their day and showing little mercy on the field. Jonarte’s band was so successful in protecting the Church’s allies that it eventually single-handedly forced all of the aggressors in the conflict into a terror-inspired stalemate. During these days the rumor of the Scarlet Company marching on a city was enough to cause widespread panic amongst the populace. It was, in this way, that the shape of the modern political boundaries began to appear – though they would change somewhat with the signing of the Great Concordance itself.

In 1012 M.E. – nearly ten years after beginning what later came to be known as the Jonarteic Wars – the Church of the One, backed by the Scarlet Company, called for a summit meeting to discuss bringing the conflict to an official end. Each country sent one delegate to the meeting in Leorans City. The convocation lasted for nearly three months as various issues were discussed, hashed out, argued over, and then compromised on – all under the gaze of Jonarte himself, it’s said. During this meeting the shape of the modern political boundaries were finalised, trade regulations between nations were discussed and ratified, and a council of individuals was formed to represent the interests of each country in the greater political arena which was forming in Antegaea.

This council was called the Concordant Council and it was invested with the power to form and enforce trade regulations, settle territorial disputes, and mediate grievances between political entities. It was given the powers to collect limited taxes from each nation to finance itself and to levee military forces in times of emergency. The Council was made an independent political entity whose members would serve for life – or until removed from office by their respective nations. The Council took Natholai Jonarte’s band as it’s protectors – one of the conditions of the Great Concordance – and Jonarte’s Scarlet Company became the personal guard of the Concordant Council. Jonarte himself was declared a Saint by the Church of the One and his military teachings and stratagems became the foundation of the Church’s Paladin Corps – the White Knights of the One.

In the 224 years since the signing into law of the Great Concordance, peace has allowed the nations of Antegaea to flourish. While provincial dangers such as beasts, brigands, and the infrequent monster are still a very real threat, there have been no major politically-inspired acts of violence since the Great Concordance was signed. At various points, the Concordant Council has mobilized either it’s own Guard or the forces of Thanelia or Leorans to assist in “mediating” conflicts but no full-scale war has been fought in the 200 plus years since their formation. The biggest threat to peace in Antegaea right now is the Izhendarc Empire in the far north – a political entity unto itself which spurned it’s invitation to participate in the peace talks of the Council. It assimilates a little more land with each passing season, it’s icy tendrils of influence creeping steadily southward. Only time will tell how this looming conflict will end.

The Signing of the Great Concordance

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