The Lost Bones

The Lost Bones or Black Bones are a set of apparently human remains believed to be scattered across many worlds. The origins of these mysterious bones have been lost to time and numerous legends attempt to explain their powers. The bones are a smooth, glistening glass-like black color and are, apparently, indestructible and capable of absorbing and magnifying magical force directed against them.

It is a little known fact that these bones can be shaped into other forms – stretched, bent, and re-forged – but never destroyed or broken. Using this property, the bones have been used to fashion swords, spears, scythes, hammers, shields, and even armor.

The true origins of these bones can be divined by those willing to dig deep enough – they tell a tragic tale of heroism and sacrifice. Many long years ago, on another world far away, there lived a boy named Emrys in a town called Antioch. Emrys was born different – infused with a frightening and awe-inspiring power. Because of this power, Emrys had many adventures as a child and even saved his childhood friend – a girl by the name of Reia – from a powerful demon. Emrys would go on to discover his connection to a mysterious place called the Thorns and to embrace his powers and destiny as a child of that place.

Emrys, in embracing his power, sought to always be able to protect the things important to him. Faced with the probable destruction of those he cared for, he used powerful magic to enact a permanent transformation which transmuted his bones into the mutable yet indestructible form of the black bones. When his flesh was corrupted by a powerful supernatural entity and he became a threat to the very friends he had sought to protect with the power of his bones, Emrys demanded that they kill him. Though reluctant to do so – they found that they could not because of his black bones. Finally, Emrys’s friend Athis used a terrifying magical power known as the Tesseract Breaker – severing each of his friend’s molecules one from the other and sending them through a localized rip in space/time. Despite this, Emrys’s bones survived and were swept up by the attack to be deposited throughout the many worlds of the multiverse.

Thus the Lost Bones of Emrys Thorns came to be.

The Lost Bones

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