The Heldyr

Few people alive today in Antegaea have heard the term Heldyr let alone know what it means. The word, in Sidhe, means “forsaken,” “exile,” or “lost.” The name came to symbolize an unbreakable will in the face of overwhelming adversity for it was the name taken by the five thousand surviving Sidhe who successfully made the crossing from Seeleira (now called Ur’Seeleira) across the Westereign Ocean to Antegaea.

Philosophically, the Heldyr attempted to stand for everything that had once been noble about their race – a moral stance in direct and purposeful opposition to the growing tide of followers of the Fomoraei religion. After Rending Night, the Sidhe people were polarized into two camps – the Heldyr and the Fomoraei.

While the Fomoraei consorted with dark powers and worshiped darker entities, the Heldyr were an agnostic group concerned with the spiritual health of the Sidhe people and the survival of their cultural identity. Seeing that the followers of the Fomoraei way would never settle for co-habitation, the Heldyr engaged in a brutal civil war (The Heldyr-Fomoraei War) which lasted over 1000 years and drove their species to the brink of extinction. The Heldyr were, eventually, forced to take the pragmatic route and fled the continent – leaving the battle-scarred remnants of their once beautiful home to the dark powers which had sought to claim it and heading east to new lands.

Despite espousing noble goals and views, the Heldyr were shaped by centuries of warfare into survivalists and warriors of unbelievable efficiency and lethality. Although they weren’t looking to fight a war when they arrived in Antegaea, the Heldyr were soon sucked into conflict with the Beastgods and their Beastfolk when a misunderstanding led to their aiding in the uprising of the clans of outcast humans of common stock. Working through these pawns and using their access to powerful magicks and knowledge of how to kill Beastgods, the Heldyr forced the Beastgods and the surviving Beastfolk out of power and off the continent itself.

Though the Sidhe would briefly flourish before being outbred by the native humans, only the original 5000 survivors of the crossing were known as the Heldyr – each a living legend and some believed to be the inspiration for certain Atlaneian gods and godesses.

The Heldyr

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