The Eumedico

The Eumedico are a secular order of healers who wander Antegaea performing acts of good will and charity – primarily in the areas of healing and medicine. Wherever war or plague strike, the Eumedico are sure to follow. With their distinctive sigil – that of a black rose on a white field – the Eumedico have made a name for themselves amongst the peasantry as honest, hardworking, and trustworthy individuals.

Rumor has it that the Eumedico got it’s start somewhere in the west – perhaps in Bachraen or Creid – about 300 years ago. The order was originally organized to help deal with the outbreaks of plague that were common at the time but soon began to send it’s healers on to the battle fields to help tend the wounded and ease the passing of the dying. It was during these unstable times that the order gained it’s reputation for absolute fearlessness – they would go anywhere to help those in need. Though there were some initial problems, the Eumedico soon established such a flawless reputation that they garnered a sort of universal pass – they could venture anywhere in Antegaea safely and go unmolested by all. Soldiers, bandits, clergyman – no one would keep an agent of the Eumedico from performing his duties.

Thus, it came to be that the Eumedico’s care evolved into a form of sanctuary for the lost and imperiled. If a Eumedico claimed someone as a patient, no authority in Antegaea had the right to gainsay it. That is until the Eumedico were accused by the Church of harboring heretics and fugitives hiding from the authority of the One.

73 years ago, the Eumedico were declared heretics by the Church of the One and a general purge of the order was carried out. This move to have the order declared heretical was, supposedly, orchestrated by a powerful faction within the Church of the One who feared the Eumedico’s power over the common folk. By the time the rest of the Church and the Great Concordance caught wind of the plot and had the purge called off, the Eumedico had been reduced to but a few dozen members. Many of the order’s most experienced members and most valuable tomes were lost, and much of the knowledge held therein were lost with them.

Examining the damage done by the purge, the Eumedico petitioned the Concordant Council for funds and authority to establish a training facility sponsored by the order to indoctrinate young scholars with knowledge of medicine and, hopefully, train a new generation of Eumedico from amongst them. The Council gave it’s permission and the remaining members of the order were recalled to help build The Eumedico Academy of Medicine.

Nearly 60 years have passed since the first class of Eumedico graduated from the Academy and several generations of doctors have passed through the academy since. The Eumedico have begun to spread back out amongst the peoples of Antegaea, venturing anywhere that people have need of them. As a part of their training, the Eumedico are indoctrinated using post-hypnotic techniques to instill certain behaviors in them.

1. A Eumedico may not take the life of another living thing save in defense of his or her own life or in order to ease the suffering of said living thing.

2. A Eumedico knows no fear for the self. A Eumedico must go where he or she is needed regardless of risk to one’s person. However, a Eumedico should not foolishly endanger his or herself.

3. A Eumedico must respect all knowledge. The universe is more vast than one can imagine – anyone or anything could hold vital information. Cures can be found in the most unlikely of places. Keep an open mind.

4. A Eumedico must never marry nor bear offspring. The Eumedico should be seen as above and apart from the general populace and worldly concerns.

5. A Eumedico must never lie. The people trust the Eumedico and this trust must never be violated.

The Eumedico

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