Thanelia, perhaps more than any other land, exemplifies the ideals of romantic chivalry and knightly honor that are espoused by the high born of all of the lands of the Great Concordance – at least in theory. Thanelia borders Naen to the west and the Eben Peaks and the Blacklands to the East and is comprised of rolling grasslands, smallish wooded areas, hills, and valleys.

Thanelian culture is warlike – placing very high value on martial pursuits and in upholding the tenets of chivalry and honor exemplified by the various knightly orders which call this nation home. Thanelia trains some of the finest cavalry and lance in the known world – their training techniques passed down for centuries and their horses specially bred and conditioned for warfare. Thanelian warhorses are highly prized – with the most valuable earning the title of “wardancer.” Wardancers display uncanny agility and speed in maneuvering on the battlefield – seeming to dance amongst the ranks.

Of all of the knightly orders of Thanelia the so-called Iron Knights are, easily, the most elite of them all. The Iron Knights were founded in the year 3 M.E. to serve alongside the Eben Guard in dealing with threats from beyond the Eben Peaks. The Iron Knights are in place to act as oversight within the Eben Guard – possessing special training to allow them to root out corruption, demonic possession, and the like and to put down Guardsman gone mad or turned traitor. The Iron Knights are reputed to make use of special suits of armor the secrets to whose construction have been lost for over a millenia.

Thanelia, socially and politically, is somewhat behind the times – it is still very much a feudal land full of self-important lordlings and masses of unwashed, uneducated peasants. Thanelians are a proud lot, though – even the meanest serf has a deeply instilled sense of nationality and pride in their nation’s accomplishments. Thanelia is one of the primary enforcers of the Great Concordance – deploying it’s fabled armies to trouble spots to “mediate” conflicts as necessary. Thanelia’s armies have never known defeat – unless the land’s ill-fated expedition into the Crimson Isles of 30 years ago is counted. Thanelia is not known for it’s naval strength, unfortunately.

Thanelia also acts as backup for the frontline defense of the Eben Guard – it’s armies support and strengthen the guard in it’s various forays against the Blacklands. Many Thanelians consider it to be a high honor to serve alongside a guardsman and an even greater honor to actually be an Eben Guard – a view not shared very often by people from other nations. Thanelia, once upon a time, contained the capitol city (Atran) and province of Atlanei. Many contenders sought to wrest the power of the old capitol away from their rivals during the long anarchy and it was through the development of military might that the founders of Thanelia managed to come away with the old city and the rest of the province.

Ethnic Characteristics: Thanelians are well known for their blonde hair and blue eyes – the combination being unusually common amongst these people. Variations of brown hair are the next most common, but most true Thanelians have blue eyes. Thanelian men tend to be broad of shoulder and of decent height – averaging about 5’10” tall and weighing around 180 lbs. Thanelian women are athletically built – averaging 5’7” tall and weighing about 150 lbs. Thanelians tan easily and are usually an olive complexion – an unusual combination in conjunction with the blue eyes and blonde hair common to the breed.

Major Cities: Atran, Thanis, Liltin, Evarii

Major Exports: Iron Horse Vodka, warhorses, arms, armor, ore.


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