Talonstriders are a type of large, flightless, predatory bird common to the plains of Naen. Talonstriders grow to be about 8 feet tall and weigh in excess of 350 lbs. with powerful, muscular hindlegs plated in thick, armor-like scales and adorned with large, curved claws used to rip and tear the flesh of prey animals. Males also possess a barbed, poisonous spur on their hind-legs.

Talonstriders tend to have feathers ranging in color from black to a dark reddish-brown in color, with patterns in white and grey appearing on their bodies. Young Talonstriders are often speckled – a defense which allows them to hide from predators more easily when they’re still relatively helpless.

It was said by Atlaneian scholars that the tribes that used to make their homes on the Naenish plains prior to being conquered by the Empire used Talonstriders like other cultures use warhorses – riding into conflict on the backs of these fearsome birds and dealing out death and havoc to their enemies. Talonstriders are easily capable of reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour but tend to average about 35 miles per hour when running long distances. Talonstriders were also noted as being extremely intelligent creatures – some say as smart as a human child. Modern Talonstriders seem to have forgotten that they were ever, even partially, domesticated – they are fierce, territorial pack hunters who can and will kill humans if they’re hungry enough.

Attributes and Skills
Body 6 Sense 3 Charm 1 Coordination 4 Command 1 Knowledge 1
Athletics 4 Direction 4 Fascinate 0 Climb 0 Haggle 0 Counterspell 0
Endurance 3 Eerie 1 Graces 0 Dodge 2 Inspire 0 Healing 0
Fight 3 Empathy 0 Lie 0 Perform 0 Intimidate 0 Language: NA
Parry 0 Hearing 2 Jest 0 Ride 0 Perform 0 Lore 0
Run 4+1MD Scrutinize 1 Plead 0 Stealth 0 NA Strategy 0
Vigor 2 Sight 3 NA Weapon 0 NA Tactics 0
NA NA NA NA NA Student: NA
Hit Location # of Wound Boxes
10; Head 6
7 – 9; Torso 13
6; Right Arm 4
5; Left Arm 4
3 – 4; Right Leg 8
1 – 2; Left Leg 8

Advantages: Leather-Hard, Hard-Headed.

Claws Body + Fight (9d) Damage: W + 1 Killing
Bite Body + Fight (9d) Damage: W Shock/Killing
Poison Spur Body + Fight (9D) Damage: W + 1 Killing + 1 temporary Body

*Only male Talonstriders may make a poison spur attack.


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