Summoning is a type of magick by which a witchborn makes use of essence manipulation in conjunction with space/time alteration to call forth powerful other-dimensional spiritual entities and provide them with avatars with which they can interact with and affect the physical world. Summoners primarily work by conjuring from Archetypes.

Archetypes, unless provided with a means by which to access the physical plane, exist only as metaphysical entities. Summoners have the power to contact these beings, commune with them, and call them forth into the physical world by providing them with an essence substrate by which to fabricate a temporary physical vessel. Summoning is a rare discipline which takes years to master and a lot of time and effort – particularly in establishing working relationships with the different entities which are to be summoned.

Summoners are not limited to conjuring just archetypes, however. They can also summon any other type of spiritual entity to this place at higher levels of skills – and provide them with an avatar to work through. Summoners of sufficient power and skill may also summon mortals to themselves – if they’ve a pact of summoning with them. This is a useful method for traveling long distances but requires the summoner to be at the destination for it to work. Finally, summoners can create “gates” – doorways which allow one to travel from one plane of existence to another or even from one place to another within the same plane. This is one of the highest expressions of summoning and a jealously guarded secret – gates of this type can allow entities of awesome power into the world to influence it as they will without the strictures of a summoning pact to limit them.

Summoning pacts are special agreements made between a summoner and the beings they summon which defines their relationship – what sorts of services the summon will offer and what the summoner will give it in return. These pacts are usually negotiated upon the first occasion of summoning and rarely change. They also effectively limit the powers of a summon – keeping them from walking all over the summoner and wreaking havoc on the world after they’ve been called.


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