Speakers of the Dead

The Speakers of the Dead are a theocratic order who operate out of the capitol city of Domremi – The Necropolis. A remnant of an ancient Atlaneian cult who worshipped the death goddess Persaela, The Speakers of the Dead have become a more neutral sort of cult in the centuries since the dissolution of Atlanei and the old cults. They accept members of virtually any belief system just so long as they ascribe to the philosophies espoused by their order.

The Speakers of the Dead function as governors over the people of Domremi and spiritual advisors – with a member of their order present in virtually every community. A Speaker of the Dead is present at virtually every birth or death within Domremi. They are keepers of records and of lore, the enforcers of law and custom. All one needs to become a Speaker is a healthy respect for death, tradition, but most of all – a zest for making every moment of one’s life count for something.

While some Speakers of the Dead do possess witchsight of the sort that allows them to see the dead, most of their order possesses no special powers whatsoever. Their knowledge of burial rites and the like give them an unusual degree of power over the Underworld and the restless dead. The Speakers of the Dead have studied virtually every type of interrment, burial, and way to dispose of a body known to humanity – and can readily perform any such type of burial and it’s associated rites if requested to. They are often called upon to see to putting to rest the Undead which seem so common in the outlying areas of Domremi. Some critics of the order claim that they practice necromantic rites and that they are, in fact, the cause of all of the Undead that plague their country. The Church of the One, less powerful within Domremi than they would like, are the main proponents of this view of the order.

The Speakers of the Dead, nominally, operate as a secular organization and make no claim to the souls of the people of Domremi. The Church of the One doesn’t see eye to eye with the Speakers’ view of the afterlife and underworld – causing considerable strife between it’s priests and the speakers. The Speakers, for their part, ignore the Church of the One’s quibbles as much as possible – though it has become harder and harder to do so as the Church has gained more converts within Domremi.

Speakers of the Dead

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