Spoken of only in fragments of ancient Atlaneian legends, it is said that these mysterious beings lent their strength to early Humans – giving them writing, reading, mathematics, metallurgy, and countless other technologies in a very short amount of time – and also spawned the Atlaneians themselves by interbreeding with primitive humans.

Little is known about these enigmatic beings and, for all anyone knows, they might be only a myth. In a world where the monstrous and fantastic walk free, surely some things must be but a legend? If they ever existed, they’re all long dead now.

It is said that the Sidhe came from far across the Westereign Ocean on mighty ships, fleeing some powerful enemy or dark fate. They were said to be very tall – averaging six feet four inches in height – and lithe of build. They are often noted as having very long, slender, pointed ears in stories. The Sidhe were also said to be immortal – sickness, disease, and the ravages of time did not touch these beings. They were widely held to have the capacity to live forever – provided that their minds remained in harmony with their physical forms. The Sidhe were extremely gifted, spiritually, and much of their innate physical prowess were a direct result of a powerful soul working in concert with the body. A Sidhe could die from grief or madness, could be eaten alive from the inside out by hatred itself. As a result, the Sidhe were said to cultivate a tight control over their emotions.

Sidhe Racial Traits (50 Character Points)
Eerie +1MD, Hearing +1MD, Sight +1MD, Counterspell +1MD
Immortal: Sidhe are immune to disease and negative aging effects and may never die of old age.
Body As Soul, Soul As Body: Sidhe may add their COMMAND as a bonus to any rolls made to resist the effects of poison, shock, or fatigue in addition to all Vigor rolls made to recover from injury.
Essence Like Fire: Sidhe possess Essence which is vastly more potent than usual. All sets generated by magick-related skills are considered to be +1 Width for Sidhe.
Witchborn: All Sidhe possess the Witchborn advantage for free.


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