Scarlet Company

The Scarlet Company’s history goes back a little over 200 years, to the period leading up to The Signing of the Great Concordance. The Scarlet Company has an illustrious history and fierce reputation and, as personal guard to the Concordant Council, holds considerable influence over the lands in Antegaea. They are currently led by Ferris Willach – the 27th to hold the title of Captain of the Scarlet Company.

The Scarlet Company is said to have begun as a band of brigands and outlaws consisting almost exclusively of youths from all walks of life – disenfranchised nobles, bastards, rebellious apprentices, and other social malcontents. The group was founded by a young man, a noble’s bastard who had grown up in Leorans City, by the name of Natholai Jonarte. When a political plot left Natholai and his closest friends outlaws from their own Kingdom, they left – and founded the Scarlet Company as a means by which to attain a new lifestyle for themselves. At first, the Company worked as brigands in the lands of nobles whom Natholai considered to be contemptible and corrupt – preying on tax collectors and rich travelers. Eventually, once sufficient funds were raised, the Company began to take small jobs from the less powerful nations – working as scouts and supplementary troops. They were, of course, given the most dangerous missions available – being mercenaries and all – but they served with such distinction that they were soon trusted with more and more vital missions. During this time, the band grew by leaps and bound and established a reputation for being ruthless, efficient, scoundrels of the highest calibre. Despite the fierceness of their reputation, no evidence exists to support the more serious allegations of rape, treachery, and wholesale slaughter which followed the band. Quite the opposite seems true, the Scarlet Company seem to have been cold and efficient in the pursuit of their duties but inordinately humanitarian in other matters. A legend local to Naen states that, during the sacking of the city Gandora, the Scarlet Company turned on their Bachraeni employers to prevent the burning of an orphan asylum – single handedly turning the tide of the fight and routing their own allies over the matter.

The band’s reputation became legendary inside of a decade – their radical battle field tactics and unorthodox command structure bringing them victory after victory. It seemed that the band existed solely to make war and that it had no higher purpose. About this time, the band was contacted by the Church of the One to undertake it’s most famous contract – a contract that would eventually lead the band to challenge, in turn, each of the powers of the times and triumph. The victories which the band seized during these Jonarteic Wars would lead to the creation of the Concordance and form the basis for modern Antegaea’s political and socio-economic climate.

The band exists today as the personal guard to the Concordance itself but has seen little serious action in the centuries following the Jonarteic Wars. Whenever deployed, however, the band still manages to awe and amaze those who witness it on the battlefield – even with it’s first commander long dead.

Scarlet Company

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