A Reaper is a specific type of being which originates somewhere in the Underworld whose purpose is to ferry the souls of deceased mortals to the afterlife. Each Reaper appears to be a unique entity but they all seem to possess a number of very similar abilities and trappings which identify them for what they are.

Reapers claim to work for a being whom they refer to as, simply, “Lady Death.” They won’t say much other than that – though it is rumored that they will sometimes arrange for still-living mortals to meet with their mistress under rare circumstances. Few mortals are deemed to be important enough to have business pressing enough to warrant the attentions of the anthropomorphic personification of Death before their time has come.

All Reapers have the peculiar feature of not possessing eyes. Where eyes would normally be – they’ve voids. Naught but emptiness lies behind their eye lids and they often disguise this fact by clouding the minds of mortals so as to not disturb them unnecessarily. Reapers possess considerable power over the forces of life and death – it’s said that necromancy was originally taught to mortals by these beings. Getting one to use it’s power on one’s behalf is a difficult task, however. Reapers can banish restless ghosts and the souls of the dead who have been warped by overstaying their welcome in the spectral realm. They can, also, kill any being whose destiny is unbound. This is, actually, a part of their duties which many of them forget about since it occurs so rarely. Those without a destiny can, potentially, destroy the very fabric of causality – this isn’t good for business. Reapers are expected to eliminate such people with extreme prejudice.

Finally, Reapers are probably best known for the weapons they carry. Typically, Reapers carry a great scythe whose appearance is personalized according to the specific Reaper who wields it. They can summon these weapons at will and the weapons themselves are indestructible. These scythes are actually a part of the Reaper’s own essential nature – extruded into a weapon and tool. Only Reapers bound into the service of Lady Death possess such a weapon – rogue Reapers (though rare) do not possess these marvelous tools. Reapers with scythes are much more powerful than their unbound brethren – but if their scythes are somehow stripped from them they are even more vulnerable. Anyone who somehow takes a Reaper’s scythe from them gains the power to command that Reaper.

Reapers do possess a degree of prescience and can readily make accurate short term predictions of the future. They also possess the power to see the entire lifeline of a mortal being in their presence – coming to know everything about that person in a glance. Reapers also seem to be capable of splitting their form so as to be in multiple places at once. The extent of this last ability is not known but it would appear that it’s use is necessary due to limited numbers of Reapers.


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