Ravynnian Naming Conventions

Clan Names

Vvelach – Known for being the most aggressive of the tribes.
Uralt – Known for its spirituality and devotion to the Old Ways.
Tymora – A clan known for its great cunning and less-than-honorable methods.
Wereth – This clan is known for its mysticism and reverence for witchborn and supernatural forces.
Kimoari – The peacekeepers and unifiers who have, since time out of mind, taken it upon themselves to mediate the interactions of the clans as a whole and preserve the integrity of the Ravynnian nation.

Three Ravynnian Castes – Warrior, Priest/Ruler, Artisan/Merchant

Each has a cast mark in the name of the individual

Warrior – ’Ra
Priest/Ruler – ’Kaa
Artisan/Merchant – ’Sai

Naming Conventions

Clan Name + Caste Mark, Given Name

Wereth’Ra Ryalt, for example.

Ravynnian Naming Conventions

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