The Dead Isle, called Valaizenja by its inhabitants, lays somewhere in the uttermost south of Neverael – a cold, windswept continent where life is harsh and resources scarce. Over 100,000 years ago, however, a great civilization of beings similar in physical makeup to modern humans made this place their home. In those days, the land was much different and resources were plentiful.

Rampant over-use of Necromancy by the ancients, the Rava’ki, would lead to their lands becoming all but bereft of life and mostly sterile. In order to survive, the Rava’ki bargained away their mortality and their place in the scheme of things to embrace, wholesale, the state of undeath. Using Wyrding magicks in conjunction with Necromancy, the Rava’ki stripped away the very mortality of their entire people and, in one night, became a race of undead immortal beings – linking their fates and souls into one massive communal source and giving birth to an independent and unique source of magickal power.

From this source of power, the Rava’ki used their knowledge of combining Necromancy with Wyrding in conjunction with the Arcane Sciences of Runemastery and Alkhemy to create the nefarious discipline of Nekrosynth – the sculpting of undead flesh and negative energies and the manipulation of mortality itself to create technological wonders and abominations beyond comprehension. Using this power, the Rava’ki entered a dark renaissance which lasted tens of thousands of years.

It all came to a sudden halt nearly fifty thousand years ago when the Rava’ki race went to war against itself – powerful warlords dividing the race into different factions and seeking the extermination of all other Rava’ki. It is unclear why, exactly, this conflict took place but, ultimately, only a few thousand of their number remained. Those few survivors left their peoples ruined cities behind and retreated to deep underground vaults to pass into a state of deathless slumber. The reasons for this retreat are as mysterious as the war of annihilation which preceded it. Though barely 100,000 of their number survive, their individual power makes the thought of such a forces awakening a nightmarish idea.

Physically, Rava’ki resemble normal, living humans save for the fact that they are without mortality and quite dead – their bodies are pale and their flesh dessicated. They exist in a state of perfect preservation and regenerate any damage done to their forms quickly and efficiently – returning them to the state they were in at the exact moment their mortality was stripped from them all those millennium ago. Undeath has brought with it enhanced physical endurance – the Rava’ki do not tire nor do they require food, water, air or sleep. In addition, the Rava’ki are supernaturally strong and capable of ripping a normal human limb from limb or of lifting a medium-sized cart over their head and throwing it. Being undead, the Rava’ki are limited in number and cannot reproduce nor can they induct new individuals into their ranks. The fact that they are nearly indestructible is some small consolation.

Mentally, the Rava’ki are possessed of immense patience and wisdom born of millennium of experience but lack the infallible memory faculties of true immortals – suffering from spots and holes in their memories and a need to fall into deep states of revery and reflection to order their thoughts.

Magically, the Rava’ki are all linked to a communal source of essence shared by their entire race which gives them nearly unlimited stores. They can draw on this source freely but risk doing serious damage to their bodies by overusing it. The Rava’ki races communal essence is tainted, however, with the magicks of Wyrding and Necromancy and can only be bent toward the use of the hybrid disciplines birthed of that union of powers. Rava’ki are extremely potent magick users and all members of their race are considered to be Witchborn.

Culturally, almost nothing is known of the Rava’ki. Their cities have long since fallen to ruin and their race has been in hibernation since before the modern world was born. Recently, however, it seems a few of their number have begun to stir again and the Rava’ki calling themselves the “Vanguard” have begun to make their way in the world once more….

Rava’ki PCs are unavailable at this time and are only suitable for particularly high powered games.

Rava’ki Racial Template (80 Character Points)
Vigor +1MD, Endurance +5d, Eerie +1ED, Lore +1MD, Nekrosynth +1MD
Undead Resilience: You gain +2 AR to all hit locations. This AR stacks with other sources of AR.
Regeneration: You may spend 1 Essence to roll BODY + Vigor and heal W SK to the hit location(s) indicated on your dice. If you roll multiple sets, this healing is applied to all of the areas indicated.
One Soul: You may borrow Essence or Animus/Anima points from other nearby Rava’ki (within SENSE + Eerie miles) and expend them as if they were your own. Expending more than twice your normal Animus/Anima or Essence in this fashion in an 8 hour period begins to take its toll on your undead body, however – dealing 1 point of Shock damage to all hit locations for every point of Essence over this limit and 1 Shock and Killing for every point of Anima/Animus. You’ll also owe your fellows a debt – so watch how much you spend. Damage dealt to you via overuse of this ability must be healed naturally over time.
Undead Traits: You do not require food, drink, air, or sleep to function. You are also immune to poison, disease, and falling unconscious due to Shock. Damage dealt to individual hit locations does not overflow into your torso when full and only filling hit location 10 with killing damage will permanently end your life.


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