The Rabni are a curious folk of wanderers and nomads who live out their entire lives moving from place to place on some strange mission.

The origins of the Rabni and their “mission” – their life’s purpose – are now lost to time. Some say that the Rabni began as a group of travelers fleeing the trouble in the east during the Blackgate War, others allude to still more ancient origins. What is known about these strange folk is that they travel from place to place in search of the “World’s Breath” – the ultimate source from which the Four Winds are said to spring and a source of great healing power. They hope, by locating the World’s Breath, to be able to heal the great wounds inflicted upon Neverael by mankind’s hubris and, finally, put to rest the horrors of the world. They have had no luck, thus far, in their millenia of wandering but that has yet to stop them.

The Rabni are a rag tag bunch by their very nature – the best and worst of all cultures and ethnicities tossed into a pot and left to boil over. While the Rabni have their own distinct culture and customs they are not above adopting and modifying whatever seems useful when encountering things they haven’t come across before. Some Rabni spend all their lives wandering with their fellows looking for the World’s Breath – other’s give up the search and take to village life somewhere. Sometimes outsiders join the Rabni on their great journey – becoming Rabni themselves. There’s no telling where a member of the Rabni has been or what he or she has seen.

The Rabni speak a bastardized form of High Atlaneian mixed in with a lot of slang and colloquial lingo. Despite this, the Rabni tongue is closer to High Atlaneian than the Low Tongue commonly spoken throughout Antegaea today – much closer. Rabni often speak with a strange, though charming, accent (reminiscent of Italian or Spanish, for reference).

The Rabni are peaceful by nature, respecting the laws of the lands they travel in so as to avoid confrontation, they are not – however – fools. They can and will defend themselves when necessary and brigands usually know better than to attack the Rabni.

Many superstitions concerning the Rabni abound in the lands they travel through. Some say that the Rabni elders and wise women possess potent mystical abilities – powers that let them bind fate and lay curses and see the future. Whether or not this is true, the Rabni do seem to possess an unusually high degree of good fortune and luck.

Rabni begin play with the Lucky advantage for free.


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