The mysterious island continent of Qhagharii lays somewhere to the far East of the continent of Antegaea. Though it’s exact dimensions are unknown, the continent has long been settled by a peculiar race of non-humans known as the Jinn. For millenia, these people have fought one another for possession of the arid continent’s precious resources – only recently becoming united under a single warlord. Having finally reached an uneasy peace amongst themselves, the Jinn have begun to expand outward in search of new lands and resources.

Few humans have traveled to the lands of the Jinn, but tales tell of the vast sandy wastes of the continent and the shining oases which act as points of civilization in an otherwise wild and untamed land. The continent seems to be divided into five territories, traditionally ruled over by five different clans claiming descent from different powerful Elementals. Below are some of the features of note on this exotic continent.

sho’Aram: sho’Aram is a city on the western coast of the continent which acts as the Jinn Peoples’ lifeline to Antegaea. This huge port city is ruled over by the fi’Nar Clan – the Clan of Water. It is a cosmopolitan place – untold riches flow through this port and visitors from all over can be seen here.

sho’Zaril: sho’Zaril is the city built along the lush and fertile banks of the River Elam. The city covers both sides of the bank and stretches for over fifty miles before fading into shanty towns and smaller communities. The city is vast – so much so that some born in the city spend their whole lives there without ever really going anywhere beyond it. The city lays in the lands claimed by the fi’Kitar – the Clan of Earth. This city is rarely seen by outsiders, as it lays on the interior of the continent, but it is counted as one of the wonders of Neverael.

ki’Ablivon: ki’Ablivon translates to something like, “The Plains of Black Glass.” An apt enough name, considering. This area is, quite literally, a huge sheet of black glass created by an unheard amount of heat and pressure being applied to the sands of the inner wastelands. Legend has it that this is where the Jinn Sorcerer Kakash shi’Aradomin summoned the King of Inferno into the world some eight millenia ago. The truth of the matter is unknown but Fire Elementals of all sorts are said to congregate here. There are other, stranger creatures which make this vast plain of black glass their home – Tindalosian Lions, for instance. This place is claimed by the fi’Agnar – the Clan of Fire.

iro’Than: iro’Than is the Mountain of the Four Winds and is where the current High Warlord keeps court in the fabled Palace of Shining Eyes. This place is forbidden to outsiders and none buy the most powerful and influential warlords and merchant princes amongst the Jinn are allowed to set foot here. The mountain itself is guarded by the fi’Zyzan – the Clan of Wind. The Palace of Shining Eyes is said to be made up of a million precious stones. Some of these stones are said to be as large as a fair sized cart or wagon!

nai’Rozar: nai’Rozar is the Heart of the Sand – a place of incredibly mystical importance for the Jinn. It’s said to be the birthplace of their homeland. nai’Rozar is a vast crater – some one hundred miles in diameter – whose bottom can’t be made out. Floating in clumps in this crater are a number of strange crystalline growths – defying gravity. They’ve been there since the earliest history of the Jinn Peoples. Possession of the crater was hotly contested until about a century ago when the Jinn were united – it is a very important site in their religion. Pilgrimages to nai’Rozar are common. The fi’Vonari – the Clan of Void – are the caretakers of this place and have defended it from all comers for over two millenia.


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