Oneiromancy, the magic if dreams, is a magic full of mystery – its exact limits unknown even to many of those who practice it. Oneiromancy, much like Necromancy and Aleithomancy, is a native aptitude certain Witchborn may cultivate into a magickal discipline – but requires a little help.

Witchborn who would be Oneiromancers experience powerful, lucid dreams all their lives. At some point in these dreams, the Witchborn will take control of the Dreaming and gain the attention of one of that mysterious Realms denizens. If the Denizen in question is benevolent and of a helpful nature, it might choose to initiate the Witchborn into an Oneiromancer – teaching them secrets of the Realm of Dream and attuning their essence to its ebb and flow in such a way so as to allow them to call upon its power in a manner reminiscent of its denizens.

Oneiromancers have the ability to lucid dream but also have the capacity to enter the minds of those who are asleep in order to perform a variety of functions – including stealing ideas or knowledge, planting the same, implanting mimetic data and post-hypnotic conditioning, and performing a form of psychic surgery on the sleeper via their dreams. Oneiromancers can also summon projections of their subconscious mind into reality via their magick or allow Dream entities to freely enter the waking world using them as a conduit in addition to pulling imaginary items from thin air.

Such entities and items are fragile by nature and require a constant flow of essence from the Oneiromancer to maintain their reality and many can be dispelled through concentrated disbelief. Some are, however, powerful enough that no amount of disbelief can unmake them.

One of the ultimate expressions of an Oneiromancers power lays in the ability to physically enter the Dreaming to travel across vast distances in a matter of minutes or hours. The Realm is strange, however, and not always welcoming to outsiders. But much wisdom and power can be found there by those willing to dig deeply enough.


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