Long Term Training System

At certain points during Chronicles of Neverael, characters will – through their actions and decisions – have the opportunity to advance time in an expedient manner. During these time skips, characters will most likely continue to train their abilities in preparation for what is to come. With this in mind, I designed the following system for training attributes and skills over a long period of in-game time. I still think it needs some tweaking – it might be too generous?

You can train a number of abilities equal to your Command attribute at any one time. Exceeding your Command in trained abilities makes your efforts too unfocused and fragmentary to be of much use – negating all progress toward the training of the chosen abilities until you condense your training back down to an acceptable level.

Training constitutes devoting no less than 12 and no more than 18 hours of each day to the refining of the chosen abilities. You must spend at least 6 hours of each day resting and meditating on what you’ve learned so far.

Time from last rank… Total Training Time Attribute Rank Skill Rank
10 days 10 days NA 1
30 days 40 days NA 2
60 days 100 days 1 3
100 days 160 days 2 4
150 days 310 days 3 5

*Maximum increase to an attribute achievable through training is 3.

Long Term Training System

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