The l’Fae are mentioned in legends and stories as far back as humans have been telling legends and stories. Alien, unknowable, at turns cruel and then kind – these beings have haunted the nightmares of humanity and inspired it’s greatest dreams since humanity first began to walk upright and gaze at the stars. Their purpose unknown, their desires unclear – they have forever been the thing which goes bump in the night; that which can grant you your fondest wish or make manifest your most perverse nightmare.

The l’Fae don’t come in any one shape or form but they do seem to have some common elements to them – they are greatly interested in the dreams and creative endeavors of mortal beings. They (the l’Fae) almost seem to feed upon such things – deriving some sort of strength of satisfaction from them. The l’Fae are noted as being tricksters and deceivers but, most of all, bargainers and contract brokers. They are believed to be tightly bound with the forces of destiny, fate, and karma itself – a sapient manifestation of these forces, if you will. They wield broad, terrifying powers – the ability to alter the very fabric of reality in limited scope. Tales tell of how these beings cause the tongues of liars to detach themselves from the mouth of the liar and simply run away, or how they spirit folk away and then return them a century later having not aged a day. Such are the powers of the l’Fae.

Certain types of magick call upon these beings to intercede upon the behalf of the witchborn or are based upon the same sort of contract making abilities which these creatures seem to wield – contracts whose conditions being met can alter the fabric of reality itself for a brief time. For the l’Fae illusion is just as genuine as reality – maybe more so. They can generate illusions that are, in fact, so convincing that they can actually become real over time if onlookers believe strongly enough in their validity.

These beings might come in the shape of a wizened old dwarf or a Sidhe-like Lord riding a hoary mount or a tiny gossamer-winged woman – their appearance seems to be as much a matter of convenience as anything else. None are to be trusted under anything short of an oath or a contract, but all wield unimaginable power.


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