Leorans – “The Jewel of the South.” In many ways, the great nation of Leorans and the city which shares its name are just that – vast, multi-faceted constructs of wonder and enticement acting as a bright, shining beacon in the darkness of the world.

The nation of Leorans is known for being a vibrant, sub-tropical area dominated by vast swamplands and woodlands. It’s people, while superstitious and religious, are nonetheless well-educated and cosmopolitan – especially in the urban centers such as the City of Leorans.

Most of what transpires in the nation of Leorans takes place in the city which shares it’s name – the City of Leorans. Leorans City is a large port situated at the mouth of the Andiluvian River. Travelers from all over Anteagaea end up in Leorans City – from the far reaches of the Crimson Isles to distant Creid and Domremi. Ships from the Republic of Vyndhurst are a common sight here. Leorans has, naturally, become a center for trade and commerce but is also known for it’s centers of learning – the city boasts the most prestigious university in Antegaea – the famed Leoransi University. Scholars and artists of all stripes make their homes in and around the city’s university district.

Leorans is an ancient city – it was once the heart of the Atlaneian province called Leoransetti. While the outlying areas of the country are sparsely populated – the city itself boasts a population in excess of 200,000 souls. The Church of the One has a strong presence here – as evinced by the soaring cathedrals that dot the city and the statues of important saints and officials of the church. The famed founder of the church’s so-called “White Knights” – the Paladins of the One – Natholai Jonarte, was born in Leorans city and his statue, even now, adorns Darguis Square at the city’s heart.

The nation of Leorans is ruled over by a triumvirate of interests – it’s hereditary King, a representative of the Merchant’s Guild, and the Prophet of the Church of the One. The King of Leorans is currently Rothark Lidelos VII – the latest in a long line of Lidelos kings stretching all the way back to the time of the Atlaneians. The King works in close concert with the head of the Merchant’s Guild – whoever that happens to be at the time – and the head of the Church of the One – the Prophet. The current head of the Merchant’s Guild is Cornalus Brasden – an odious little man with a mind full of cogs and wheels. The Prophet of the Church of the One is Israe Nuvarte – a 15 year old songstress from Domremi.

Wielding as much political and economic power as it does, Leorans has made some powerful enemies in it’s time – including many pirate lords of the Crimson Isles and the entire Aristelle of neighboring Bachraen. The nobility of Leorans hold large estates in the rural areas of the country – still ruling over their tenants in a very feudalistic manner. Within the city itself, however, the people live in perhaps what is the most advanced society in the world.

For all of its grandeur, Leorans is not without problems. Monstrous creatures stalk the swamps of the country and dark cults pursue the worship of ineffable beings in the far reaches of the bogs and fens which dominate the landscape. It is common for peasants and travelers to go missing while plying the byways of Leorans – victims of dark creatures or unwilling sacrifices carried off to become part of grotesque rites. Plague is a constant threat in the larger cities – particularly in Leorans itself. Rat-Catchers are employed in Leorans to keep the vermin in check and cut down on the outbreaks of plague. They have strange tales to tell of the vast catacombs and waterways which stretch out beneath the city – forgotten by the surface world and home to all sorts of curiosities and dark wonders. Rumors persist throughout the city of a Gentleman Caller who, on misty nights, comes up from the below to stalk the streets and prey upon the unwary. The Leorans Thieves Guild, a powerful force of the underworld, insists that this Gentleman Caller has nothing to do with them and would even go so far as to deny the existence of such a person if many of it’s members had not encountered the fellow themselves!

Crime is always a problem, even discounting the exceedingly strange occurrances which happen from time to time in the city, and the Thieves Guild has its hand in a lot of dirty dealings. The Thieves guild is, however, not the only power in the local underworld – many powerful crime families exist in Leorans and Leorans is also home to a chapter of the Society of Masks or Assassin’s Guild.

Despite all of this, the nation and city of Leorans is considered to be one of the more beautiful places to visit in Antegaea. Many young travelers strike out for this “Jewel of the South” when first leaving their homes for the world beyond.

Ethnic Characteristics: Leoransi are diverse in their physical characteristics but brown hair and lighter colored eyes are a very common combination amongst them. Curly or wavy hair is not uncommon amongst the Leoransi. Their women, in particular, are famed for their beauty and vitality. Men in Leoranse tend to be tall – about 5’11” on average – with females being considerably shorter at an average height of about 5’4”. Most Leoransi are fit but the life of plenty that many of the city dwellers indulge in causes some of their folk to run to fat. Average weights for males and females are 180 and 120 lbs respectively.

Major Cities: Leorans City, Faeyelle, Silhourouge.

Major Exports: Fish, shellfish, crocodile hide, rice, cotton, indigo, sugarcane, pasta.


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