Jonarteic Wars

The Jonarteic Wars were a series of armed conflicts involving various national governments and the Church sponsored group of mercenaries known as the Scarlet Company. These mercenaries, having previously established a reputation for being virtually unbeatable and absolutely amoral, were contracted by the Church of the One to end the border disputes which had previously raged in Antegaea for centuries. The Scarlet Company was led by a military genius named Natholai Jonarte – a peasant boy born into the service of a noble household in Leorans, it’s said. Little is known of this man’s origins now, but he might be the single most influential historical figure to have been born in the last thousand years.

The nations of Bachraen and Leorans are well known for their animosity toward one another. It was little surprise when Bachraen began to invade Leorans from the north, forcing refugees to flee south. The Church of the One, based primarily out of Leorans, became concerned when some of it’s clergy were attacked and killed during the battles in the north of Leorans. Feelings that this conflict was fruitless, the Church decided to step in and attempt to mediate matters. When talk simply would not do, they approached various mercenary companies about dealing with the conflict – none would dare attempt to take on the Bachraeni (they had a particularly fierce reputation during this era). Finally, frustrated, the Church approached the infamous Scarlet Company with the offer. Being led by a jumped up peasant and totally bereft of moral compass, it was an audacious move on the Church’s part. Natholai Jonarte happily obliged and the Scarlet Company signed on.

The war between Bachraen and Leorans was settled in one month’s time – Jonarte’s tactical genius was believed to be supernatural in nature by many who witnessed the battles he waged. Rumors circulated that Jonarte had made a deal with a demon or other spirit in return for his brilliance and his uncanny luck. Whatever the case, Jonarte got the job done – some say too well. The Bachraeni army has yet to recover it’s full strength and reputation even to this day. But the conflict was not to end there – the Church was suddenly called upon by the Creidans to send whatever aid it could in order to sort out an ongoing border war between itself and the Izhendarc Empire. JOnarte’s company marched and, for the first time, the Izhendarc Empire knew defeat in combat.

Over the next few years, Jonarte’s band would fight in over 200 major battles – winning every single skirmish they were engaged in. Jonarte himself achieved a legendary status as a commander – they say that he saw the future or that he could read the minds of his opponents. Whether or not he had supernatural powers is debatable – his results were real, though. Jonarte was wounded during the Battle of Deadwater – taking a blow to the head from a mace and an arrow through the right lung. He continued to command through the rest of the battle then rode 40 miles and fought another battle – without resting or doing more than slapping a bandage on himself.

The end result of these wars was an end to all wars in Antegaea and the establishment of the Concordant Council. Jonarte, it’s said, retired from the battlefield wealthier than a prince but spurned material belongings to go wandering. He lived out the rest of his short life in Leorans City – living alone save for the infrequent former comrade-at-arms come to visit. He died at the age of 34 – of an unknown illness which, it’s said, must’ve been killing him even when he was fighting the war named for him.

Jonarteic Wars

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