This race of mysterious beings hails from somewhere to the east of Antegaea – no one is entirely sure where from as they are relatively new. They were first encountered by members of the Eben Guards Blitz Guard on a long-range patrol when one of their ships landed on the coast of the Blacklands and was caught in the wards which line the coast. A handful of survivors were extracted from the wards and nursed back to health.

The Eben Guards who found the Jinn were shocked by their appearance. The Jinn are virtually giants – standing over 8 feet tall. They appear to be a naturally muscular race – as all of the individuals who have been encountered are athletically built and even more physically powerful than their builds would otherwise indicate. As a race, the Jinn seem to uniformly possess grayish-white or silver-white hair which they usually wear in braids or a topknot of some kind. Their eyes are usually red, orange, yellow, or purple. Their skin tends to be a dusky hue – dark as though exposed to the sun for long periods of time. They also possess somewhat pointed ears and sharp, prominent canines. Male Jinn have two small horns which extrude from their foreheads – females seem to lack this ornamentation. They are an incredibly hardy race – rarely getting sick and recovering from illness and injury at a remarkable rate. They also seem to have uncanny stamina.

The Jinn seem to come from a proud culture of warriors and merchants – they speak glibly of their fantastic cities and the endless sandy wastes of their homeland across the Esther Ocean. Due to cultural infighting and clan warfare, they have been an insular species up until recently – when they were united by a visionary warlord and a conglomeration of merchant princes into a single nation. After enduring a rapid process of industrialization, the Jinn began to make efforts at exploring the world outside their island sub-continent. They sent four exploratory forces out – one to search out each of the four directions of the compass. The Western Expedition had run aground in the Blacklands. The Western Expeditionary Force was the only force to return to their homeland – after being nursed back to health and resupplied for their voyage. No sign of the other forces was ever found. That was 20 years ago and, since then, the Jinn have begun to trade with the port of Leorans and with the Crimson Isles – some say they’ve plans to send a colonization force to Fal’Durast to see if the place can be made inhabitable once again.

The Jinn seem to be somehow connected to the elemental spirits on a very deep level – no one understands exactly how. The Jinn themselves hold that their race is somehow descended from the great Elementals or are perhaps, themselves, Elementals clothed in the flesh. They all seem to possess the power to sense elemental forces and Elementals themselves in varying degrees. They consider the Element Touched to be something of an oddity and are, generally speaking, fascinated by them. Other than their vague awareness of elemental forces, the Jinn rarely possess full-blown Witchsight and almost all who do end up following the path of Elementalism. Jinn Witchborn possess a strange quality, though – they can be bound into service via a pact like any other entity or elemental can. And, while performing the functions of this pact, their powers are amplified greatly. No one knows why this is. This has, unfortunately, led to the Witchborn Jinn being bound into slavery by their own culture in almost all instances – service to the state, or so the rationale states. The fact that only another Witchborn can bind the Jinn into such service raises some interesting questions about these “Bound” and their handlers…

Jinn are extremely uncommon in Antegaea but their presence there is increasing. They are a powerful race whose true intentions and history remain very enigmatic. Being a Jinn costs 18 points at character generation.

Jinn Racial Traits


Endurance +1ED; Fight +1ED OR Haggle +1ED

Advantage: Leather Hard

Elemental Awareness: Jinn may make a Sense + Eerie check to sense elementals and elemental forces even if they don’t possess the Witchborn advantage. This comes in handy for finding sources of water in their homeland – a windswept wasteland of endless sand.

Power of the Bound: Jinn who possess the Witchborn advantage who enter into a binding pact with another Witchborn gain a +2LD bonus on all magick-related checks that deal directly with fulfilling the conditions of the pact.


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