Iron Knights

The Iron Knights are, officially, a sanctioned order of Thanelian knights theoretically under the command of the Thanelian King. The Iron Knights, however, are more like an authority unto themselves. These fabled warriors are a society springing directly from the remnants of the Atlaneian Imperial Household and the other Scions of the Great Atlaneian Houses and the few surviving members of the Imperial Guard in the wake of the Blackgate War. While their blood is strong and many possess the power of Witchsight – none practice magick of any sort. They vow not to when they are inducted into the order. The Iron Knights were formed, originally, to act as overseers and wardens for the newly organized Eben Guard. Seeing as how magickal experimentation had caused the Blackgate War to erupt in the first place, few felt comfortable with leaving the future safety of the world in the hands of yet more witches. The Imperial Household’s only surviving members – Eschery Asherath II and his sister Carmelia Asherath – took it upon themselves to take responsibility for the situation. The Empire was finished and Eschery II knew it. He gave up all claims to his family’s throne and he, his sister, and a collection of other young nobles (along with their personal bodyguard retinues) formed the Iron Knights to police and provide oversight into the Eben Guard’s activities.

The Iron Knights make use of extensive training techniques passed down from the old Atlaneian Legion but have also developed many secret techniques for dealing with Witchborn without the use of actual magick. Their primary duty is to provide a heavy infantry/cavalry role in battles with Blackland forays and, also, to seek out and destroy rogue Guards and to accompany Eben Guard Witch Hunters on hunts.

Perhaps the most defining feature of these brave knights is their use of their fabled Iron Knight Armors – remnants of lost Atlaneian “runetech,” these armors have been maintained and repaired piecemeal for over a thousand years now. The secret to manufacturing full sets of new armor has been lost, unfortunately, but the armors are kept in good working order. These armors, supposedly of mystical construction, enhance a man’s strength and speed by many times and make him nearly impervious to most sources of damage – even magickal ones. These armors were used by Atlaneian Heavy Infantry during the Blackgate War and represent the pinnacle of so-called runetech engineering. Most Iron Knights do not have access to these fabulous armors though – there are only 33 armors still in use. These armors do require a degree of ability in Witchsight to use, though, and not every member of the Knights has the required ability. Not to mention the fact that the armors have grown…finicky…in who they will let pilot them – they are well past their operational limits at this point and strange behaviors in the armors are almost to be expected.

Induction into the Iron Knights is not open to just anyone – it is the most selective knighthood on the continent – and little is known by outsiders of how their inner workings function. Perhaps more information will become available about these famed warriors in time.

Iron Knights

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