Iron Knight Armor

The legendary armor of the Iron Knights was, once, not so legendary. Over 1200 years ago, during the Blackgate War, such suits of armor were standard issue to the Atlanein Magister Corps who fought on the front lines against the foul horrors of the Blackgate. Thousands of these armors were manufactured for use in the war. It is, therefore, somewhat troubling that only a few dozen seem to have survived it.

These armors are, to a greater or lesser degree, customizable and are able to reconfigure their parts according to who is currently wearing them. Not anyone can just put on one of these armors and go, though. Only witchborn can equip a set of this armor and only one particular witchborn at a time can equip a given set. This means that the armors bond with a single user at any given time.

The standard armor covers the entire body, head, and face of the wearer in runeforged alloys whose like can no longer be reproduced. The Atlaneians were said to have used something called “Artificial Spiritual Constructs” as a power source for these armors – in laymen’s terms each armor had an artificially fabricated spiritual entity bonded to it as a power source and a caretaker. How the Atlaneians actually created spiritual entities from scratch is open for debate. Each armor has a certain amount of say in who it will allow to bond with it – pilots whose basic essence is too different from that of the ASC of the armor are flatly rejected. The fact that these armors were never meant to last as long as some of them have means that some of these armors have become rather…quirky.

So far as raw power goes, these armors greatly enhance the capabilities of their pilots but skill plays a large role in it. The legendary pilots of the Blackgate War could stand toe to toe with a fully-manifested Black One and have an even chance of winning the fight. The not-so-elite could still fight the minions of the Blackgate without too much trouble, though.

Iron Knight Armor

The following are statistics for baseline Iron Knight Armor – not factoring in any secrets the pilot may have unlocked. Some Iron Knights can move at unreal speeds or manifest essence blades or any number of other, bizarre powers.


Athletics +1ED, Eerie +1ED, Endurance +1ED, Scrutinize +1ED, Tactics +1ED, Strategy +1ED

AR 4 – All Hit Locations

Essence Reserve: Iron Knights can draw on the Essence of their armor’s ASC to enhance their powers in combat situations. Their Essence is considered to be doubled while wearing their armor. However, if the pilot runs out of Essence the armor becomes dormant for 8 hours.

Essence Shot: Iron Knights can release blasts of destructive force composed of raw essence. They roll Command + Eerie to activate this function of their armor. The blast deals W + X in SK damage. X is how much essence they choose to spend on the blast over the basic cost of 1. Every 2 points over the base cost adds +1 to damage. The pilot of the Iron Knight is limited in how much essence they can expend by their Anima or Animus – much like when employing other types of magick.

Iron Knight Armor

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