Iron Crown of the North

This crown appears to be forged out of some strange, translucent silver-gray metal. It is intricately carved with thousands of interconnected runes and snowflake-esque sigils. Set into the crown are three iridescent gemstones which burn with a cold inner fire.

This is the crown of the Izhendarc Emperors – first worn by Ravel Izhendarc I and now resting on the head of Athros Izhendarc V. It has been passed down from Emperor to Emperor for the past 800 years and is, quite literally, the symbol of the Izhendarc Empire – the crown’s likeness is displayed proudly in the sigil of House Izhendarc and, also, on the banners and pennants of the Empire.

The crown is attributed many supernatural qualities and is rumored to play a large part in keeping the various Emperor’s seated on the throne. Any Emperor who has lost the crown has, shortly thereafter, been removed from power – usually by the one who absconded with the relic.

The Iron Crown of the North aka The Iron Crown of Izhen

Wisdom of the Emperor: You gain a +1MD bonus to your SENSE stat while wearing the crown.

Resilience of the North: You gain a +2LD bonus to all rolls made to resist the effects of stunning, knockout, and other effects which would incapacitate you.

Unyielding Might: All physical damage directed against you is downgraded by one step while wearing the crown – SK to K to S to NA.

Lord of Winter: Cryomancers who wear the crown gain a +1MD bonus to all Cryomancy related checks.

Iron Crown of the North

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