Hunger's Edge

This blade, when sheathed, seems innocuous enough. A simple, slightly curved black scabbard. The hilt long and slightly curved and wrapped in some sort of very soft, well treated leather. The weapon has no cross-guard – a tool designed purely for offense, perhaps?

When drawn it is plain that this is not some normal sword – the blade writhes before the eyes, flowing and shifting in strange, tortured movements which seem reminiscent of some creature in unimaginable agony. The sight of the blade is enough to turn the stomach and make the eyes cross. Then, the sound – that of murmuring and gnashing and growling but, most of all, the howling of a ravenous….animal? No, something not animal but not human either.

When swung, there is a sound like a thunderclap as the blade passes through the air and the wailing grows more intense. When the sword finds flesh the wounds it inflicts are devastating – taking large chunks out of those it injures with even the slightest cut. Each time the blade strikes a living target vitality flows into the wielder – a surge of elation and power which drives the wielder into an ecstatic killing frenzy as they seek to feed the sword more and more so that the feeling will never end. Wounds no longer seem to matter, friend and foe become one, and all becomes a matter of sating the sword’s boundless hunger.

This weapon has been wielded throughout the millenia of it’s existence by many different men and women – all of them having met with cruel ends after living miserable, strife filled lives. No one knows where this sword came from or who could have possibly created such a thing – it is not a weapon but a monster in the guise of a weapon. It is the heart of hunger and of famine – the gnawing emptiness at the heart of all things which will devour all in the end.

Hunger’s Edge

Damage: W+4 SK

Berserk: You gain a +2LD bonus to Body while wielding this sword but lose the ability to tell friend from foe – take a -3 penalty to all Command + Equilibrium rolls made to resist the sword’s nefarious compulsion to feed.

Hungry Edge: Hunger’s Edge has Armor Piercing 2.

Regeneration: You heal an amount of SK equal to the amount of damage you inflict on an opponent to ALL hit locations every time you successfully hit with an attack with this weapon.

Shifting Blade: It is very hard to defend against Hunger’s Edge’s attacks. Opponents a -1 penalty to all attempts to Dodge or Parry attacks made by Hunger’s Edge.

Hunger's Edge

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