The Gunbarristers are a strange organization of wandering knights-errant who wield their signature weapons – the famed Gunblades – in defense of the law. They act as lawyers, judicial champions, and vigilantes throughout all corners of Antegaea – settling disputes, arbitrating conflicts, and acting as the enforcers of the law when no normal agency of the law will do.

Where, exactly, this strange organization got its start is unknown but some form of judicial champion has been a part of the law system since before the fall of Atlanei and, in most countries, is still considered a viable means of settling a dispute – particularly amongst nobles. A judicial champion is selected for each side in a dispute – whoever wins the fight wins the case. It is a rare thing for one to claim the right to Gunbarrister but it is not unheard of even now. As such, Gunbarristers generally act as vigilantes and wandering do-gooders when not called upon to simply arbitrate disputes or act as champions. Where they got their signature weapons – the Gunblades – is another matter.

Gunbarristers seem to be loosely affiliated with one another through some unknown agency – they recognize each other, use common terminology, and even seem to receive the same kind of training. The profession also seems to be hereditary – parents pass it on to their sons and daughters (the Gunbarristers don’t care if you be man or woman). Their weapons, the Gunblades, are finely honed killing machines combining the features of a revolver with a shortsword or dagger. They are uniquely proficient in their use – terrors to behold in combat. It is theorized that the Gunblade was developed for use by the Gunbarristers during long forays into lawless lands where bullets would be hard to come by. The Gunsmith’s Guild has records dating back to it’s inception and clearly shows that it produced 16 Gunblades initially and many more replacements and additions over the years since. Those original 16 weapons were commissioned about two hundred years ago. It would seem that most, if not all, of the original Gunblades are still in use – carefully maintained by the descendants of their original owners.

Gunbarristers are known far and wide as being stunningly skilled combatants and absolutely impartial arbiters in disputes. The common people praise them for their heroics and their fair judgments. It is, therefore, unfortunate that the organization is a dying breed – they are considered dangerous vigilantes by most authorities and are unwanted in many parts of the civilized world. But, in the far reaches where the law doesn’t usually hold much sway, Gunbarristers uphold justice for the common folk – all according to the ancient Atlaneian laws, it’s said.

Despite being little cared for by the established powers, the Gunbarristers have standing writs of jurisdiction with most national governments dating back centuries – to when they were simply “Barristers” and had not yet begun to wield their signature weapons. As such, they do hold some amount of authority within the modern nations and, especially, with the Concordant Council – who makes somewhat regular use of these lawbringers in their efforts to mediate disputes before military action is required.


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