Green Lords

A Green Lord is a being, once human or otherwise mortal, who has undergone a terrible transformation via the manipulation of principles both Druidic and Necromantic in order to become something more than and less than what they once were. These Green Lords were known to possess nearly godlike powers which seemed somehow intrinsic to them – above and beyond and entirely separate from their prodigious abilities as druid-necromancers. The process of becoming a Green Lord has been lost to time, though theories abound as to how it was accomplished and what it truly meant to be a Green Lord.

The most popular theory, and the one with most credibility, suggests that the Green Lords were a form of lich. Liches of the normal, undead variety store their animus or anima in a physical object called a phylactery and bind to their physical forms powerful necromantic entities in order to transform their bodies into undead vessels. So long as their animus or anima is stored outside themselves in this manner, they can’t die. Undeath carries with it some rather nasty side-effects, however. The Green Lords were thought to have found a means to become immortal without becoming undead. The theory states that the Green Lords used a powerful ritual to fuse their souls with the essence of a Primordial – using the land which that Primordial was connected to as a living phylactery for their animus or anima. In essence, the Primordial’s soul was subsumed by the Green Lord and used as a medium through which the Green Lord would then impregnate the land with his or her own soul – effectively subverting the role of Primordial from the actual being in question.

In this way, a Green Lord could remain alive indefinitely so long as the land he or she was tied to remained more or less intact – the healthier and more full of life their realm, the more powerful they became. The Green Lords were corrupt by their very natures, however, and the lands they came to claim soon reflected that. Their realms flourished…..but became twisted mockeries of the natural beauty they once represented. Form became a matter of convenience for a Green Lord – they could form an avatar out of any natural substance within their domain and send it out into the world as necessary. Their own, original bodies were subsumed as part of the ritual in which they attained the status of Green Lord. They enjoyed unparalleled druidic prowess within their own realms – the full powers of a primordial at their disposal. They were also still in full command of the necromantic arts…and had the incredible essence reserves of a primordial to fuel those powers.

Thankfully, the Green Lords were all destroyed by Atlaneian magisters during the great war between the two Empires – or so it’s said. Those that weren’t destroyed were all thought to be imprisoned in the ruined cities of Fal’Durast – cut off from their places of power and confined within their avatar bodies.

Green Lords

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