Horrifying creatures spawned in the darkest recesses of nightmare, Ghuuls are the kind of monsters mothers warn their children about. These are the monsters which haunt the old cave in the forest, the nightmares that stalk the abandoned mine just up the mountainside.

Ghuuls might have had a common ancestor with modern day humans – it’s not known exactly where these creatures came from. That they have since taken a path of development most unnatural is beyond contestation. Ghuul’s average about 5’4” in height but few would realize just how tall these creatures are – they move in a hunched over, stooped fashion on all fours. Ghuul’s are typically very thin – less than 120 lbs. – due to the harsh conditions they live in. Despite this, they are extremely strong due to the sorts of environments they live in and the way in which they typically get around (by climbing). Sharp claws on hands and feet – more like protrusions of bone than actual fingernails – allow these creatures to cling to and climb across all sorts of surfaces (even allowing them to climb upside-down). Their bodies are covered in slick, bone white, hairless skin. Their jaws are powerful and lined with sharp, cutting teeth. But, perhaps most disturbing of all, these creatures lack eyes. Where eyes would be on a normal human, these creatures possess two additional, smaller mouths filled with teeth. These mouths actual allow the creatures to taste the air much like a snake does and are capable of emitting virtually any sort of sound – giving these creatures their infamous ability to mimic any sound they hear.

Ghuuls prefer to use ambush tactics against prey – luring them into a vulnerable position using mimicry and stealth. They then fall upon their prey and tear them to pieces, utilising pack hunting tactics and striking for vulnerable areas like the throat.

Our protagonists encountered these creatures in the Quarry Town of Tehran – about 96 miles north-east of Southvane. While investigating several dissapearances in the quarry tunnels, the group stumbled upon a nest of these monsters and fled – sealing up the tunnel in which the nest dwellt in their wake. They’ve promised to alert the Eben Guard’s Witch Hunters of the nest and to send more capable aid when they can.

Attributes and Skills
Athletics 4 Direction 4 Fascinate 0 Climb 4+1ed Haggle 0 Counterspell 0
Endurance 1 Eerie 3 Graces 0 Dodge 2 Inspire 0 Healing 0
Fight 3 Empathy 0 Lie 2+1ed Perform 0 Intimidate 0 Language: Ghuul 1MD
Parry 0 Hearing 4+1MD Jest 0 Ride 0 Perform 0 Lore 0
Run 0 Scrutinize 1 Plead 0 Stealth 4+1ed NA Strategy 0
Vigor 2 Sight 0 NA Weapon 0 NA Tactics 0
NA Smell 4+1MD NA NA NA Student: NA
Hit Location # of Wound Boxes
10; Head 5
7 – 9; Torso 11
5 – 6; Right Arm 6
3 – 4; Left Arm 6
2; Right Leg 6
1; Left Leg 6

Advantages: Go First (+1 Width for purposes of determining action order), Tough (+1 extra wound box per hit location), Mimicry (Can make Sense + Lie roll to mimic any sound), Echolocation (Can navigate using Hearing instead of Sight but makes all checks to notice fine physical details at difficulty 5).

Disadvantages: Gruesome, Blind (Can’t make Sight checks and all rolls which would be penalized by blindness are made at difficulty 5), Light Sensitivity (-1d to all rolls when exposed to bright light).

Claws Body + Fight (7d) Damage: W Shock + 1 Killing
Bite Body + Fight (7d) Damage: W Shock/Killing
Sonic Howl Body + 1MD (4d+1MD) Damage: W + 1 Shock

Madness Meters: Unnatural (Intensity 5).


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