A dark rumor from out of the ancient past, the Fomoraei are believed to be the nightmarish creatures from whom the now-extinct Sidhe were fleeing when they stumbled across the continent of Antegaea.

From second hand accounts of fragmented records left behind by early pre-Atlaneian scholars, the Sidhe fled their native domain in retreat from a superior force which had taken the continent by storm in a cataclysmic civil war. That force was primarily composed of the followers of a budding religion who called upon a twisted new form of magick provided to them by mysterious beings known as The Thuhles. Through the use of this mysterious magic, these so-called Fomoraei drove those who disagreed with their ways from power and into exile – then fell into ruthless infighting amongst themselves.

The Fomoraei existed as but a dark rumor in the far west until recently – when a group of Jinn explorers made landfall on the lost continent of the Fomoraei. The Fomoraei had, in their millenia of isolation, evolved (under the influence of strange magicks) along a divergent line from their cousins (the Sidhe) and fallen into conflict amongst themselves. It was only just recently that a powerful political figure arose and put an end to the millenium of feuds, class warfare, and theocratic debate by claiming the Heart of Darkness and establishing himself as the true heir to the Fomoraei Imperium. The sudden, unexpected arrival of outsiders (for the first time in millenia) has provided the new Emperor with a target against which to direct the Imperium and solidify his grip on power. War is coming – it might be too late by the time anyone realizes it, however.

Physically, the Fomoraei are slightly built and somewhat smaller than their Sidhe cousins were purported to be – standing a little taller than humans on average. Despite their slight builds, however, the Fomoraei are unnaturally strong and tough and possess all of the incredible reflexes and agility of the Sidhe. They tend toward dark hair colors and eyes of blue, gray, green, or (rarely) red or purple. Their culture, having evolved along distinctly sociopathic trends, has molded these people into social predators and manipulators – duplicity is as easy to them as breathing and they have only limited conception of ideas such as remorse and guilt. Despite this, Fomoraei have a powerfully xenophobic attitude which allows them to draw together and work in tandem when necessary – and to powerful effect. Fomoraei are violent and warlike by nature and each of them is trained and conditioned by millenia of breeding and cultural pressures to be exemplary natural warriors. Lastly, the Fomoraei are universally known for their innate racial ability to twist chance and fate – translating into them having supernaturally good luck and their enemies suffering calamity after catastrophe.

Fomoraei Witchborn are not uncommon and occupy a special caste within their society – almost all become priests of their dark religion and take up the study of the strange magick of their cursed race. This magick is referred to as Solforging and grants the wielder the power to forge spiritual entities into physical objects containing potent mystical properties in addition to allowing for the modification of the soul itself to grant innate mystical gifts. Witchborn of a more secular nature are not unheard of, however, and some do exist and study other types of magic – though such secular Witchborn are looked upon with disdain and mockery by the Priesthood.

Fomoraei Racial Traits (45 Character Points)
+1MD Eerie, +1MD Fight, +1MD Lie, +1 MD Graces
Immortal: Fomoraei are immune to disease and negative aging effects and may never die of old age.
Dark Miasma: Non-Fomoraei Witchborn are sickened and repulsed by the tainted miasma which runs through the Essence of the Fomoraei people. All non-Fomoraei Witchborn attempting to use magick-related skills within (BODY + Eerie x 5) yards of a Fomoraei make all such checks at difficulty 4.
Theft of Luck: You may, once per scene, steal a successful roll from an enemy – causing them to fail the check in question. You may then use the result of the stolen roll as an automatic result for your next roll – adjudicating effects according to the result as normal.


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