Fire Apple Ale

Fire Apple Ale is Alexi Baurheim’s latest experiment gone right, for once. The drink is a sweet and spicy concoction that both Alexi and Vinnie think will be well-suited to warming townsfolk during the autumnal months as well as the fire of any hearth.

The ale is primarily made from flaked barley. This gives the ale a grainy flavor and causes it to form a large, lasting head when served. The next important ingredient is an amber malt made from either torrified wheat or wheat flour. The malt creates the amber color of the ale and gives it a light body. It also adds a tart flavor to the drink. The next ingredients are what give the drink its name. Dried flakes of the local Damascus apple adds more to the tart taste given by the wheat malt, and cinnamon added to the grist gives the ale the spicy “fire” that is so characteristic of it. Finally, yeast harvested from the Damascus apple is added to further the “sour apple” taste and finish the ale as it fertilizes. Additionally, small amounts of hops are added throughout the brewing process to help keep the drink from becoming disgustingly sweet.

Fire Apple Ale is a stronger than usual ale, though not overwhelmingly so; one full mug being roughly proportianate to a swift shot of fine whiskey.

As of now, Fire Apple Ale has had only the most basic of testing (Vinnie and Alexi sharing a tankard in mutual experimentation), but the initial batch has been deemed a sucess by both its creator and tester. Though it drinks fine at room temperature, Alexi believes that the ale would likely be best served warmed but also plans to experiment with chilling it. For now, though, Alexi simply hopes of testing its viability out on the open market.

Fire Apple Ale

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