Fenris of the Black Jaw

This monstrous creature may very well have been the inspiration for tales of the “Big Bad Wolf” and other such fables which paint wolves in such a negative light. Standing nine feet tall at the shoulder, weighing two tons, and stretching 16 feet from snout to tail – Fenris of the Black Jaw is no creature to be trifled with.

Fenris is, or perhaps was, one of the enigmatic Beast Gods – one of the Wolf Clan. It is not known exactly how old Fenris is or how he came to the state he is now but mention of him goes back as far as six thousand years.

Fenris is not, and has not been, merely a Beast God in quite some time. At some point before the Blackgate War’s end, Fenris came into contact with one of the Black Ones – a powerful one, at that. It attempted to take over Fenris’ body and soul. It wasn’t expecting to encounter a being like Fenris and something unpredictable occurred – Fenris and the demon fused into something…..else. Neither Beast God nor Black One, this new being was everything noble in the former Beast God run to madness and savagery and a corruption so profound that one ancient scholar described Fenris as being “the equivalent of committing a war crime against mother nature herself.”

Fenris’ most notable feature is, perhaps, his lower jaw. A blackened, twisted, diseased-looking jaw filled with a hodge-podge of twisted, jutting teeth and dripping with a thick, acidic black substance which is said to cloud the minds and sap the strength of those the beast bites.

Being a former Beast God, Fenris is possessed of intellect equivalent to any human’s and has thousands of years of experience backing it up. His speed is legendary and his endurance is uncharted. But, he is also a perversion of all things natural – the dark heart of the predator in all it’s savage intensity guided by an all-too malevolent mind.

Fenris, up until he was encountered by the protagonists, had not been seen on Antegaea in over a thousand years. His sudden re-appearance and interest in Abby Baurheim does not bode well for anyone involved…

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Fenris of the Black Jaw

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