Fate and Luck

Fate and Luck were inspired by two separate but awesome mechanics – the Fate/Fortune Point system in Warhammer FRP 2e and the Base Will/Willpower system from Wild Talents.

Fate is a measure of your character’s long-term weight of destiny and karmic influence on the fabric of reality. It can be spent in-game to achieve limited, narrativistic effects and to do things like turning a killing blow into a knock-out instead. Fate is purposefully left a little fuzzy in it’s applications to make it a, potentially, very powerful and precious resource.

Fate is equal to your character’s Charm attribute plus Command attribute. Fate expended does not return except as storyline related rewards or via the expenditure of XP. Raising Fate costs 8 + New Value worth of XP. Fate can’t be raised higher than the sum of your Charm and Command attributes, even with the expenditure of XP. Ex. Your character wants to restore his Fate back to a 5 after spend a point to save his life. It will cost him 8 + 5 or 13 XP to do so.

Luck is your character’s more short-term destiny – the ups and downs that circumstance and probability throw at him or her and his or her ability to manipulate those ups and downs. Luck is a renewable resource which refreshes itself completely anytime that your character can stop and rest for at least 6 hours in-game. Luck starts equal to Fate and may never rise higher than Fate. You may never spend more than 3 luck in a single turn. Luck can be spent in four primary ways:

1. You may spend luck on a 1-for-1 basis to add bonus dice to a die pool. Bonus dice added in this way still obey the “only roll 10” rule of the ORE.

2. You may spend luck on a 2-for-1 basis to negate penalty dice applied to a die pool.

3. You may spend 1 point of luck to negate 1 points of shock damage or 2 points to negate 1 point of killing damage.

4. You may spend luck on a 2-for-1 basis to add to your Essence bid to resist outside supernatural influences acting upon your character.

Fate and Luck

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