Thy mysterious southern continent of Fal’Durast – covered by twisted jungles and inhabited by mysterious creatures of dubious origins. This continent has been the focus of speculation and dread for millenia and was once host to an empire thought to be older and even more powerful, at it’s height, than the Atlaneian Empire itself.

This land of greenery and thick mists is the place which the fabled Beast Gods fled to more than ten millenia ago and the domain from which the dread Green Lords – the Druid-Necromancers of Fal’Durast – once sought dominion over life, death, and creation itself.

Fal’Durast is roughly 6,000,000 square miles or 15.6 million square kilometers in size. It’s climate is predominantly tropical and subtropical and dominated by thick jungles and swamps – below are a few of the features of note.

Ardorade: Ardorade was once a thriving metropolis back during the reign of the Green Lords – the seat of their religion and the fabled city of onyx and silver. It was here that the Green Lords worshipped their deified former rulers alongside the Beast Gods themselves – those Beast Gods who would participate in their religion, in any case. Now Ardorade stands empty, save for a few errant Beast Gods and the typical, fell creatures that stalk Fal’Durastian ruins in this era. It was also in Ardorade that many of the most powerful and corrupt rites of the Green Lords were worked – like the one which would transform a man into a Green Lord, for one. The secret to these rituals are long since lost but many of the guardians of the now defunct priest caste linger here in silence.

Bresali Basin: The Bresali Basin is the area drained by the Nizon River and it’s many tributaries – a neverending jungle and swamp full of dangerous predators and tribes of degenerate natives descended from the survivors of the fall of the Green Lords. The Bresali Basin plays host to many beautiful and exotic species of plants and animals – in addition to reclusive monsters and beasts of all sorts. It is here that the fabled World Serpent is sometimes sighted – a monstrous snake of some sort said to be miles long.

Cererak Crater: Formed by an ancient volcano, long-since gone inactive, the Cererak Crater was considered sacred by the Beast Gods and, eventually, the Green Lords. This verdant area is home to many rare species of plants and animals and plays host to many ruins of unknown origins – old even when the Fal’Durastians first came here. The Beast Gods say that the Old Ones wrought great works here in the time before time. It is said, now, that the Crater is guarded by a clan of Beastfolk who keep outsiders from disturbing the ruins or upsetting the delicate natural balance within the crater.

Darthorn Vale: This vale was once known as a place of abject horror in days gone by – a killing ground wherein thousands went to be sacrificed to the Primordials which the Green Lords made fell pacts with in exchange for their unnatural powers. Once upon a time one could walk for days through the area and never see an end to the poor slaves, peasants, and criminals impaled upon monstrous thorns growing in the vale. All that remains now are dust, bones, and the thorns themselves. And the whispering of the wind through this damned place.

Gathrex Nur: Built on the surface of a large inland lake, this city was once the capitol of Fal’Durast. It is now a blasted ruin, long since looted by thieves and now the haunt of chimerae and other monsters created in ancient times by the Green Lords. Antique wards and the like keep much of the evil which sleeps here from escaping, but breaches happen and – as time goes by – the protections left in place by the ancients grow weaker and weaker. It is whispered that the last of the Green Lords was imprisoned here during the waning days of the Empire – unable to die and unable to leave.

Mordrasil: Once, many long millenia ago it is said that the tree from which all life in Neverael grew at the heart of the continent of Fal’Durast. Ancient Fal’Durastians studied amongst this great tree’s roots and learned of druidism from the primordials who dwelled therein. In those times, the tree was called Aoegdrasil and it was considered the most holy of creatures. Long millenia passed and the corruption of the Green Lords spread throughout all of Fal’Durast and, in time, even this great being was no longer safe. It is said that, through profane rites the likes of which should have never been, the Green Lords corrupted the very Tree of Life – turning the primordial spirit into an abomination – a creature of decay and entropy, a mockery of the growth and renewal it once represented. Using the powers granted them by the corruption of the tree – redubbed Mordrasil – the Green Lords became nearly unstoppable. Though the Green Lords eventually fell, their greatest crime still exists in the form of Mordrasil – the Tree of Unlife. The primordial spirit within it sleeps – waiting for something.

Nizon River: This river drains all of the continent of Fal’Durast through it’s vast tributaries. The river is a hotbed of life and activity and many different tribes of natives depend upon the waterways as a way of existing. The River People are, perhaps, the most hospitable of the tribes of Fal’Durast and make extensive use of a breed of domesticated river dolphin in their day to day lives. They consider the sins of their ancestors to be a thing of the past and just hope to live out their mean existences in peace.

Rimlands: Located on the outer edge of the continent, these lands are claimed as territory by various Beast Gods and their attendant Beastfolk followers. After the fall of the Green Lords, the Beast Gods turned away from humans and their institutions once more and went back to living as they had for centuries – in iconoclastic societies led by a handful of Beast Gods and populated by the Beastfolk and mundane creatures they claimed as their own. These Rimland territories are the result. Borders are constantly shifting and skirmishers are a day to day occurrance here. Peace is relatively unknown – much like in nature itself.

Wounding: This desolate canker of rot and corruption is the result of a terrible ritual gone horrible wrong during the last days of the Green Lords and their Empire. Nothing lives here now, save monsters so horrible as to defy imagination. Something was unleashed, something very similar in ways to the evil which was unleashed in the Blacklands – but, at the same time, somehow opposed to that evil by it’s very nature. The dread aura lingering over this place is one of callousness, of alienness and otherness. It is the perversion of all natural laws made manifest. A terrible, terrible place to visit – no one in their right minds actually lives here. It’s a perfect place, therefore, for cults of insane natives who guard the area fiercely and perform profane rites on starless nights.

Zahalu: Once a great port city, Zahalu was once briefly held by the Atlaneians during their war with the Green Lords – the war which ended in the destruction of the Domain of the Green Lords and the historical ascendancy of Atlanei. It is still populated by stragglers and mongrels – mixed blood sailors and descendants of the Green Lords and the Atlaneian soldiers who once occupied the port. It is a degenerate city of thieves, scoundrels, and scum of the highest calibre – and the only point of anything resembling civilization on the whole continent now. Zahalu is, technically, claimed as a part of the Crimson Isles.


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