Elementals are a class of being which are believed to be simultaneously the product of and the producers of the five foundational elements of the physical universe – air, earth, fire, water, and void. This relationship, though seemingly paradoxical, seems to be true – elementals are born of their element and they also nurture and produce more of their element. No one is entirely sure how this cycle started nor where it will end.

Elementals come in many shapes, sizes, and forms – from tiny elemental sprites to the singular entities known as the Elemental Lords. There are as many expressions of the elementals as there are expressions of those elements which spawned them. A water elemental might be, more specifically, a sea elemental or a rain elemental, for instance. The more pure the elemental’s aspect – the more powerful. A mist elemental is not as powerful as a rain elemental which in turn would not be as strong as a sea elemental, etc. The greater elementals are all, more or less, pure. Ifrith, for reference, is a greater elemental of fire.

Elementals have control over their respective elements and can grant this control to witchborn via a pact or in return for essence. Some elementals will do it freelance for essence, others require a pact be made. It all depends on the individual witchborn and elementals involved. Some elementals, those that are the most introspective of a largely non-introspective class of creatures, ponder what it would be like to have flesh and to live in the material plane – thus the pacts they establish in order to have more influence over the material world than their manipulation of the elements would normally give them. Some take it a step further – actually giving up their existences as elementals and blending their essences with that of an unborn human child – producing one of the Element Touched. Some of the more powerful elementals are said to have the ability to copulate with mortals and produce offspring somehow – to similar effect.

Elementals come in many shapes – some are abstract in form and others fearsome or beautiful. The elemental Ifrith looks something like a stereotypical demon – some sort of hulking, bestial creature of obsidian planes and angles with fire burning from within.

Air is associated with cold, gases, speed, weather, and smell. It is the number 2 – constantly seeking to balance against itself and it’s surroundings. It seeks to create harmony by encompassing that which it touches but it’s struggle is without end. It is one of the elements of chaos.

Earth is associated with solids, tenacity, dirt, and touch. It is the number 4 – the strong building block of all things, the finality of death. It is one of the elements of order.

Fire is associated with plasmas, destruction, passion, and sight. It is the number 9 – the composite of 6 and 3. Fire is, thus, simultaneously associated with life (3) and evil (6) – containing the possibility for either. It is one of the elements of chaos.

Water is associated with liquids, stasis, acceptance, and hearing. It is the number 3 – the trinity of life and creation. It is one of the elements of order.

Void is associated with the will, force, resilience, and taste. It is the number 0 – empty but able to hold infinite possibilities. It is the element of balance – neither chaos nor order but both at once.


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