Elementalism is a fairly common form of magick which comes in a variety of manifestations. The basic principle of the magick lies in forming a relationship with one or more of the myriad beings known as Elementals. The magick itself stems from gaining control over one or more elements via the manipulation of the elementals which control those elements. There are a few ways in which this can be done.

Shamanism is the generalist approach to Elementalism – where one uses personal charm and social skills, in conjunction with the ability to see and communicate with Elementals, to coax these beings into lending one their power in return for essence sacrifice and other favors. Any element can be harnessed with this form of Elementalism but the power one gains from it is unreliable because one has no direct control over it. Shaman sometimes have favored elementals with whom they work but may attempt to make use of any elemental they come across. Shamanism is, however, very versatile – which can make up for how unreliable it can be.

Elemental Binding is another form of Elementalism which involves a binding pact be made between oneself and an elemental spirit. This elemental becomes one’s familiar and guide – it’s essence mingling with one’s own directly. In this way, the Elemental gains access to a steady supply of essence – which is highly desirable – and, in return, one can make free use of it’s abilities. Elementally Bound mortals directly control the power of the elemental they’ve bound themselves to and gain great power by doing so but lose the ability to use any of the other elements.

The Elementally Bound often produce children who are Element Touched. This is one of the few documented methods of creating the Element Touched.


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