Element Touched

Since time out of mind, children have been born to humanity with a certain quality of something primal or elemental in their make-up that goes beyond those traits associated with the Beastfolk. There’s no telling when and where these children will be born or to whom – some say that they’re born under certain signs or that the spiritfolk bless them at birth or even that they are children who would have otherwise died had it not been for the intercession of the Elementals. Whatever the case may be, these children grow up to become something not quite Human – they are Element Touched.

The Element Touched are a rarity – there’s no pattern or real rhyme or reason to when or where they’ll be born. Sometimes the qualities are strong enough to breed true and elemental bloodlines form over generations. Sometimes the traits manifest strongly in one generation and then burn themselves out without being passed on – like a candle burning at both ends. The Element Touched are born amongst every ethnicity and culture in Antegaea and have no distinct culture of their own. Many, however, are afforded special places within their parent cultures – whether as demonised monstrosities or as revered spiritual leaders and heroes.

The most commonly held belief amongst occultists is that the Element-Touched are somehow tainted by the touch of one of the Elemental spirits – one of the spirits of air, earth, fire, water, or void. Depending on the type of elemental spirit, the Element-Touched displays different traits but, even then, no two are exactly alike.

Being an Element-Touched costs 15 points at character generation – though, in the Threshold, characters are prohibited from being Element-Touched.

General Element-Touched Racial Traits

Elemental Awareness – Element-Touched may make a Sense + Eerie check to detect Elementals and elemental forces even if they do not possess the Witchborn advantage.

Elemental Diplomacy – Element-Touched gain a +1d bonus on all Charm and Command related checks made versus Elementals of any type and a +2d bonus on all Charm and Command related checks made versus Elementals of a related type.

Elemental Tongue – Element-Touched are fluent in one Elemental Tongue based on their heritage – either Agni (Fire), Hydra (Water), Terran (Earth), Vox (Void), or Zephyr (Air). They start play with a Master Die in this language.

Specific Element-Touched Racial Traits

Air-Touched – +1 COORDINATION or +1 SENSE; Dodge +1ed; Feel the Arrow’s Course: May Parry incoming ranged attacks.

Earth-Touched – +1 BODY or +1 KNOWLEDGE; Endurance +1ed; Body of Stone: +2 AR to all hit locations.

Fire-Touched – +1 COMMAND or +1 CHARM; Fascinate +1ed; Endure Fire’s Kiss: Never takes damage from sources of natural heat and damage taken from fire downgraded one step (From Killing to Shock, from Shock to No Damage).

Water-Touched – +1 SENSE or +1 KNOWLEDGE; Hearing +1ed; Vitality of the Sea: Cannot drown underwater and gains an Expert die in Body while submerged.

Void-Touched – +1 KNOWLEDGE or +1 COMMAND; Counterspell +1ed; Shroud of the Void: All successful defensive actions count as +1 W for the purposes of determining the number of gobble dice produced.

Rare Element-Touched Racial Traits

Sand-Touched – +1 BODY or +1 COORDINATION; Endurance +1ed; Sand-To-Flesh: While in a sandy environment, may take an action to roll COMMAND + Vigor to regenerate W Shock and Killing to all hit locations once per scene.

Lightning-Touched – +1 COORDINATION or +1 COMMAND; Run +1ed; Speed of Sky Fire: Width of actions count as +1 for purposes of determining action order/speed.

Ice-Touched – +1 SENSE or +1 KNOWLEDGE; Intimidate +1ed; Winter’s Embrace: Never takes damage from sources of natural cold and all other forms of cold damage are degraded by one step (as Endure Fire’s Embrace).

Vaccum-Touched – 1 SENSE or +1 COMMAND; Stealth +1ed; Hungry Touch: Can leech health from a target with a successful COMMAND + Fight roll. Deals W1 shock and restores an equivalent amount of health at a rate of 1 shock for 1 shock or 2 shock for 1 killing.

Metal-Touched – +1 BODY or +1 CHARM; Inspire +1ed; Fists of Iron: Unarmed strikes deal W Killing damage and may use the Parry skill while unarmed and take no damage.

Wood-Touched – +1 BODY or +1 KNOWLEDGE; Vigor +1ed; Tough As Old Tree Roots: +1 extra wound box per hit location.

Radiance-Touched – +1 COORDINATION or +1 KNOWLEDGE; Scrutinize +1ed; The Dead Light: Aura provides low level illumination constantly but deals 1 Shock and Killing to any living thing within a 30 ft. radius per 8 hours of continuous exposure.

Element Touched

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