Druid Necromancers of Fal'Durast

The Druid Necromancers of Fal’Durast – also known as the Green Lords – were an order of magick wielders from the southern sub-continent of Fal’Durast who ruled over life, death, and nature using a strange hybrid form of magick which incorporated elements of both Druidism and Necromancy – particularly Necromancy of the black variety. The order gained a fierce reputation for it’s ruthless and inhuman practices and, eventually, came into conflict with the Atlaneians. During t he ensuing war, the Atlaneians tore the Domain of the Green Lords apart – but not without heavy casualties on both sides of the conflict. Those few members of the order who survived the great purges of the war went into hiding amongst the natives – passing their lore down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

The origins of the so-called Green Lords are ancient indeed. The order originally began as a group of Druids in the west of Fal’Durast who were overtaken by a powerful Necromancer from another land, or so the legend goes. This Necromancer sought to use the powers of the Druids in conjunction with his own to achieve a new form of immortality – not the flawed immortality of undeath, but something new. The process which eventually resulted would spawn the first Green Lords – a perversion of the natural order more profound than even undeath. Not all of the Druid-Necromancers would have the honor of becoming one of the illustrious Green Lords, though.

The cruelty of the Druid-Necromancers was legendary, even amongst their own kind. They would sacrifice thousands of lives toward the completion of their dark rites and even went so far as to corrupt the very tree of life. The crimes perpetuated by these men and women go beyond the ken of human understanding. Their corruption was so great that they spawned a new strain of evil in the dark jungles of the south – something every bit as terrible as that which was belched forth from the Blackgate….but not the same evil at all. That evil now sleeps in the depths of the jungle, content to bide it’s time and wait for the stars to come right. The Atlaneians, during the great war between Atlanei and Fal’Durast, encountered this evil and recoiled in stark horror. It was remnants of the lore which spawned the evil of the south that, perhaps, led to the discovery of the Blackgate and the destruction of Atlanei some 500 years later.

As magicians go, the Druid-Necromancers are a powerful breed – the trials those who would be counted amongst their number undergo are monstrous. The weak become fodder for the strong to survive. By tapping the power of the primordials in addition to that of the entropic forces behind necromancy, these magicians wield unimaginable powers of corruption and decay – able to turn the very environment into a hellish zone in which their powers are almost godlike in scope. Tales abound of the Green Lords being able to raise an entire burial pit of corpses to do their bidding and draw on the strength of the land itself to continuously revitalize and heal their minions. Or of being able to poison the land around themselves so that just being within their area of influence became tantamount to a death sentence. Surely, some of this is exaggeration. Who really knows how much, though?

Druid Necromancers of Fal'Durast

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