Domremi is a small coastal nation in the west of Antegaea. It is bordered to the east by both Ravynnia and the untamed region known as the Wind Country. Domremi, technically, lays on a peninsula – access to which is blocked by the Anbari Mountains. The nation of Domremi is a somewhat gloomy place – full of deep ravines and mysterious valleys and ancient glades of twisted trees. It is not without cause that country is called the Land of the Dead – as it has a notorious problem with the restless dead and hauntings.

Domremians have an unusual fixation on death and the dead – some say this is why they’re plagued so by the restless dead and others think that this is merely a symptom of the presence of the restless dead. Whatever the case may be, the people of Domremi spend almost as much time thinking about and preparing for death as they do living. It should come as little surprise that the capitol of Domremi – called The Necropolis – is the center of constant festivities involving death and the dead and is run by a group called The Speakers of the Dead – a remnant of an Atlaneian cult devoted to a now-forgotten death goddess.

The Necropolis functions as a city-sized graveyard – literally a city built atop massive, intricate catacombs and tombs. Literally hundreds of thousands of corpses are interred here and tended to by the Speakers of the Dead – so many corpses that only the most important and wealthy are now actually interred within The Necropolis. Those who can’t afford a place within the Necropolis itself can, instead, have their name chiseled into one of the countless obelisks which stand throughout the city.

One would think that, with their fixation on death, the people of Domremi would be a sombre lot and this is, to a limited extent, true. Their dress and architecture tends to be somewhat conservative – with darker colors favored. However, the people of Domremi are a zestful bunch who celebrate being alive at every opportunity. There is always a festival celebrating life and death going on somewhere in the country of Domremi – with the more elaborate festivals being held within the major cities. The most important festival – called Deadmeet – happens once a year during the autumn and only in The Necropolis. During this time, the Speakers of the Dead give the festival goers a special type of wine which, supposedly, allows the drinker to see the spirits of the dead for a time. Whether this is true or simply some kind of hoax created through the use of hallucinogens is another matter.

The Church of the One maintains a presence in Domremi but have been unsuccessful in purging the populace of their superstitions and festivals and their reverence for the Speakers of the Dead (whom they consider to be little better than heretics).

Problems with the restless dead are pretty common in the outlying areas of Domremi and many Speakers of the Dead are dispatched to take care of these incursions with the lore of their order – though few of their members actually possess real spiritual or magickal abilities. Sometimes, members of the Eben Guard are called in to deal with the more serious problems that arise – particularly those involving the forbidden lore of Necromancy.

Ethnic Characteristics: The people of Domremi are a fair-skinned sombre lot. Hair colors amongst the Domremese tend toward the extremes – either some variation of blonde or a deep black. The people of Domremi are noted for sometimes having deep golden or amber eyes. Males average 5’7” tall with females topping out at about 5’4”. Builds range, but males average about 150 lbs. and females 130 lbs.

Major Cities: The Necropolis, Lough, Merchii

Major Exports: Grapes, olives, wool, cheese, salt, and other goods.


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